09 March 2008

Jaff Fong..... the other man.

Thank you to the reader who was kind enough to send the name of DJ's boyfriend in Singapore.

When I found out that DJ had another boyfriend, I had already left him.
It came as a tremendous blow however, when a friend of his told me that he had two timed me the ENTIRE length of our relationship. Really fucked me up.
I just could not believe it. I did everything for this guy. Everything he wanted. Stupid Australian he must have been thinking.
Dumb white guy. Easy target.
He was right on all three counts.
Love made me stupid. I admit it.

DJ was always going on about trust, and loyalty and faithfulness.
I promised him I was true. And I was.
He did the same.
But he was not.
You really broke my heart DJ.
And you took my money.

I thought I was getting over the money he stole from me.
Friends on Boracay were really giving me good advice.
I probably could have too, if it were not for this new revelation.

I wanted to desperately move on with my life. I had already been through too much. Boracay was hugging me daily. Making me feel better. But then the threats started rolling in.
Threats, lawyers, security guards and more threats. I was scared for my life. Seriously!
I though I was over it.
But DJ sucked me in again, created a new kind of rage within me. Love rage.
And for this DJ, you will give me my money back.

It was not cheap to pick up my life in Australia and move to Boracay.
But I was blinded by love. Truly. I though DJ was so great.
Fuck. Was I wrong.
Regardless of what I write on this blog, I really loved DJ then. I bloody well moved to the Philippines for our love. I was crazy about him.
I had never had an Asian boyfriend before.
I thought he was exotic and smooth.
Pudgy like a little buddha.
He was sweet.
But he was working me the entire time.
From day one. Hour one. Second one.

And yes, I did find the environment he was in intoxicating. At first.
I live on a farm in Australia. I am just a normal guy who believed that DJ loved me for me.

I ended my twenty year relationship to be with him (wanted to anyways, so one good thing came of it).
I left my farm for him. My dogs, for him. My mother, for him. My sense of security. For him.
I gave DJ my heart and soul.

Looking back, I would do the same thing again. My heart was swollen with affection for DJ.
When he arrived from Manila, I would run to the trike.
I really though he loved me.
But he did not.

His heart was in Singapore.
With a guy.

Named Jaff Fong.
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