09 March 2008

Thank You

Dear Readers,

I have been receiving many e mails from people concerned for my health and well being.
Let me just assure everyone. I am healthy at the moment and feeling fit. My dogs give me comfort and my friends have rallied around in case I need them.
Today I went to the beach to breath in some fresh air. It was gorgeous. I needed it. Its been hairy scary here.

My sadness is lifting though, everyday. Everyday I pound out my stories on my mac. And it makes me feel better. Weird, but I'm going with it. Me first this time.

Being in the Philippines for so long has taken its toll on me. Really. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
I miss Boracay and my beautiful friends who live there.Thank you Boracay for changing my life forever.
But I know I will never be able to return to your wonderful country. Or the island that is so dear to me.

Celine's family will see to that.

The response to my blog has been overwhelming. Messages from all over the world. Wow. Really amazing.
The e mails I get make me teary. They remind me that this entire thing is about justice.
Justice for my heart. And for every other heart that has been trampled on by pure deception and trickery.
Justice for my bank account.
70,000 dollars worth of justice. DJ.
Pay up.

Thank you everyone.

********Now I have been with the police today. More about that tomorrow.*************

Celine's family is going overboard with trying to get my blog down.
They want me arrested for this and for that.
I have had to get a lawyer.
But that's OK, because I am a fighter.
My mother raised a fighter.
Not a cheater.
Or a thief.
Or a liar.
A fighter.

I understand how my posts could be perceived as aggressive or a bit unstable.
And they are. I make no apologies for that. I write when my chest is about to explode with grief.
That's when the truth comes forth.
My memory is a sharp one.
Like an elephant.

DJ, you can make this all stop.

Make the lambs stop screaming DJ.

Your friends are going down with you.
They have nourished your life of crime for many years by looking the other way when you fuck people over and steal their money.
Celine, you have known for so long that DJ has my money.

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED HIM TO GIVE IT BACK. EVER. You have NEVER cared about my well being and recovery. You follow the coke you dumb ass whore. You want to be a victim in this? You were quite happy for him to sail into the sunset with my cash. How could you you Celine? Heartless, shallow, "Its between you and DJ Brian" BITCH.

You better have a chat with him Celine.

Tell him to pay up. I don't care what you have to do to convince him. But I will be paid.

I am HIV positive and he took my entire life's savings.

Or this will never end. I have another blog ready to go if this one gets shut down.

DJ, this is my final warning to you.
Give me back my money or I am going to go nuts on this blog.


Good night readers... until tomorrow.
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