09 March 2008

Yappity Yap Yap Yap

Manila's party King and Queen

Vintage Entry - Original Post March 09 2008
-this is my response to

Anonymous on January 18, 2009 7:46 PM

the topic of tim yap has worn thin thats why this thread is eerily quiet.

Dear Anon,

You miss the comments?
Yes some people are tired of Tim Yap and have been for a LONG time.
But I'm not tired and neither are the vast majority of my very loyal readers.
So this vintage post is for them and especially for you Anon.
The first of 10 vintage entries I'll be sharing......... as we approach my first Blogiversary on March 4th.
Let's look back shall we?
Enjoy these comments Anon.

Original Post March 09 2008


I despise '
Not only because he's DJ and Celine's best friend, But because he's disgusting and cruel to others, who
he thinks are beneath him and the Gucci Gang which of course he's a leader of, along with Celine, his female equivalent.
Venue provider for sure.
Treasurer as well, I believe.
Or drug pusher?
This guy
must be stopped.
His drug fueled industry/Club Embassy is no longer a secret.
His playground has been disturbed.
It all happens at Embassy.
VVVVVVVIP all the way baby.

Tim Yap can no longer see clearly through the smoke and mirrors within his universe.
He TELLS people to be selfish.
He gives them permission to be guiltless.
He encourages it.
The hall passes are in his pocket.

Tiny is NOT thinking straight, and that's not because he adores dick.
It does however explain many of the costume decisions he makes though.
Is it just me?
Is he or is he not the WORST dresser ever?

I really, really hate him for what he represents.
Does he not have eyes? Can he not see that what he's preaching is tantamount to treason?
You've sold out your own in order to propel your own ass forward just that little bit further..
Or in your case Yap, you turn a profit.

Talentless show pony.
Just a piece of bum fluff attached to some ass hair.
The male clone of Celine Lopez.

Now dear Tim, you must be very careful about who you have sex with on the beach at Boracay. The security guard that caught you is a friend of mine. And the guy that you were giving head to is also my friend. He is the one who told me you have a small one. Hmm... sorry about that. Can't win them all.

I mean, who the fuck is this guy, Tim Yap?
watch seller?
vodka seller?
soul seller?

He's one of Manila's '
HIGH society's' worst examples of perpetuating the myth and stereotype of the classes. I truly believe he's hollow inside. Shallow vapid materialistic person who is only into self promotion.
But WHAT is he promoting?

Tim dear, charity, charity, charity.
Not drugs, drugs, drugs.
Why do you think that some people need five mobiles and three watches and six ipods
No one in your Manila set deserves a 'swag bag'.

They should all be sent to the provinces with the bags to do an honest days work. Pathetic greedy grubby 'HIGH' society. A selfish collective of everything that is wrong with the Philippines. People are rewarded for being rich and punished for being poor.

It truly makes me sick.

You Tim, make me sick.

Pay up Montano. You owe me 70,000 dollars. I want it in American dollars like you demanded from me. I need that money DJ. I don't have rich parents who will help me. I only have the money that I worked damn hard for all my life. Do you feel like a man? You make me ill. You fucked me up so badly emotionally. Consider this blog my internal therapy. Can't afford a real therapist because you have all my money. So this will have to do. Happy Delfin?

Small bills please.

Tim, you need to get a life and do something good for a change that does not involve drugs, a guest list, velvet rope or ex deals.
Or a peppermint condom!!!!! Relax and breath dear.
And fix your bloody teeth.

I just don't get it. Who are you mate? I've read stories about you. Seen your pics.
You looked mean when I first saw you.
Funny looking really.

People pay you for what exactly? To sell drugs at their events? You sound like a Chinese green grocer trying to get rid of his cabbages before noon. NO one even listens to you at your hosting gigs. I've watched you blah blah blah into the mic, and meanwhile, the people on the ground take no notice.
"Oh it's just Tim".
"Whoring himself again".

You see Yap, you should learn to shut your mouth. Because things you say do have an affect on people. You're like a spoilt rotten little girl. Grow up princess. Join the real world where all people are equal and respected. You're so bloody shallow Yap, your ankles are bone dry.

Last year I was at an event at Nami with the crook.. er sorry, DJ Montano. It was a Tina Tinio event. Some crap mobile phone thing, with crap food and crap wine and just really crap all around. What passed for hospitality there is amazing. More on Tina tomorrow though. I need time for her. She is a big story.

I met the Gucci Gang that day. In fact, they were mostly all there.

Tim's only talent apart from standing upright, is his amazing ability to dazzle the dears in his head lights.

Dear, you're in Manila, not New York.

You society people have to understand how tiny your little world is. Like a speck. And you are all specks in that speck. We are all specks people. Accept it and move on. Understand how you hurt people Tim. People you don't even know. People who as hard as they try and work and slave, they will NEVER be what you deem to be 'fit and proper society'. Barf on you, and your hideous clothes.
Out side of your countries borders mate, you would be hard pressed to find a job ironing (Celine), car washing (DJ) and you Tim, Well you would get the best most fabulous, most wonderful job of all. Butt boy.

You snooty little man. Eventologist? I am going to be ill. No seriously, I am about to be sick.

The first time I met Tim, I almost threw him off the deck and into the water at Nami. I though, who is that nasty little faggot?
But then he spoke. And confirmed what I thought.
What a vile little creature. With his wonky little eye's and strange little body.
Lacoste is out dear. Never really made a revival.
Only in your swollen little head.
And Greenbelt.

I'm sorry Tim, but your ugly.
Inside and out.
Just plain ugly.

My best friend was there on Boracay. A real special girl. My best friend for twenty years.
You should be so lucky to have a friend like her.
But you never will Tim. You are only used by others and you do the same to everyone you know.
Your friends write the stories about you. Promoting your what... microphone skills.
Anyone who can give a blowy can master a microphone love. Its not rocket science.

You slagged my best friend off to DJ mate, and he told me what you said. Other people heard you too. But the worst thing is my friend heard you as well. And she was so hurt. Lesbians don't wear gowns you idiot. Um, no, that's not right.
Some in Manila do actually.

No, she did not have a gown on.
Jeans and tee for comfort. That's my girl.
She did not have her hair done for the 'event'. She is just a normal beautiful wholesome Filipina who was reluctant to come out to the stupid event anyways. I only went because I liked DJ. That little toad. And she only went because I asked her to.
Its what GREAT friends do. They make sacrifices for each other.
and blah blah blah?
You need to be a sacrificed dear.

Society needs to purge you and all your crap products from Manila's radar. Give it to people who need it you dumb shallow excuse for society. Go out onto the street and just hand the loot out.


People need help.

Not help into their cars because they are so drunk and whacked on cocaine.
They need real help.
Food, clothes, money to educate their children.
Money to keep their children dry at night.
Selfish monsters you all are with your fat swollen swag bags.
Give it all up.
Charity is the answer for you Yap.
About ten years of charity.
Starting now!

Relax with the bleaching cream mate, its seeping through to your brain.

Your just another Manila coke head dear.
Who gives blow jobs on the beaches of Boracay.
Not a good one either.... so we hear.

DJ told me you were in love with him. He also told me he got you your new job at the
Star. How is it going there dear? I personally think your work is shit. I would have fired your ass long ago. Who does your graphics mate? Crap.
You are NOT fashion forward silly and really need to go away for a while.
You are not helping things in Manila.
Manila has to change and you have to go!

Do some charity work TIM.
REAL charity work. Not charity attached to some shit watch or some new carbless booze.
Get a life you guys.
Wake up and try making the life of another person better for one day.

I understand that you can't chip in any pesos DJ because your family is poor.
you can deliver food to hungry people or clean their houses.

But Tim, how much do you do with your profile to help others?
Another fortunate faux-lebrity wasting his time chasing the dollar instead of his morals.
Wake up Yap. Your days are numbered.
Just like that uber bitch Celine.
And DJ. Well his ass is well and truly cooked now.
As it deserves to be.
Eye for an eye.
Manila style!
Cowboy style!

***** Follow Up*******

Many people have been asking me from all over the world the same question.
"Will you shut down the blog if DJ gives you your money back"

The answer is simple. YES!

This entire blog comes out of frustration.
Being marginalized and ignored for months, tends to upset a person.
When you are treated like a toilets contents,
You get VERY angry indeed.

Its all about justice.
A most foreign of concepts for many who I am targeting with these HONEST revelations.

It is the wider Filipino community that is most affected by the behaviour of these people. They see the flashy pics and the 'make you want to vomit' BIOS written by the subjects friend???? WTF! What chance do 'normal' people have of aspiring to your 'lofty' levels of pleasure and hedonism. They don't. And that's what you all love. Get real jobs. Help people with nothing.

Young peoples self esteems are affected by these flash gaudy examples of nothingness. Their sense of purpose and validity are questioned from within when faced with something most of them will NEVER have or enjoy. Because they are poor.
Its usually the ones on the street that stare, when you exit your hummer or flash car.
Ooohh, ahhhhhh. Wow, they can walk. And talk. And snort. And cheat. And steal.
NOTHING to aspire to for the precious youth of your country.

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