29 March 2008

My Own Gucci Gang! NEW AND IMPROVED!!!!!! NO BITCHES!!!

Thank you Buddy for this great picture of you and your mate.

I love the poloroid shot.

You made the blog. Well done. Cutie.

I know your group was a sensation during the holidays.
I wish I could have been there with you all.
People have told me you were flying the flag for me.

I miss my friends soooo much in the Philippines.
You all look so happy and great.
I miss my mates on Boracay.

Good job Buddy. I know you made the shirt.
I also know you wore this shirt for four days straight during Holy week. Your a champion.
Word gets around. Ask me, I know.
(I hope your Yaya cleaned it after though, hehe).
I hear you told people who asked about the blog, my story.
Cheers to all of you guys.
You made this cat smile.

From ear to ear.

Thank you.
It gives me a tremendous feeling inside knowing your all keeping my spirit alive in the Philippines,
while I am so far away fighting this battle on my own.

You and the boys are fantastic indeed.

I hope you don't mind. I have obscured your faces.
I don't want the truly innocent being targeted because of me.
I am already dealing with some 'loose cannon's'.
And shocking death threats.
Three today.
For some reason, they keep threatening to kill my dogs.
What the heck did my dogs do.
Need a life much?

People have no courage.
They scream at me and hang up.
Only DJ has my home number in Australia.
Only DJ.
So he is giving it to someone to scare the shit out of me.
Or try.

Its exactly your pictures, that brought me around again after the phone calls, and reminded me,
that humanity can be overwhelmingly wonderful. Breath-takingly devine.

I want to print the group shot of you all, but I can't blur the faces.
UHG!! I'm really sorry.
But I WILL NOT have you harrassed by anyone because of your consideration, effort and humour.
Not on my watch.
There are TOO many of you in the group shot to blurr.
I tried. hehe.

But your all so cute, I will stare at the photo endlessly. I LOVE gorgeous Pinoy guys. And beautiful Pinay girls.

Excellent looking Posse.

If anyone else has made an effort.
Send me your picture please.
People really love them.

Thanks again.

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