29 March 2008


This is the subpoena I receivd last November.
Out of the blue.
On Boracay.
One sunny morning.
I was preparing for a special visitor.
My mom.

It was e mailed to me by DJ's lawyer.
I hated you for this DJ.
You are pure evil.

Just before my mom arrived to stay with me on the island for six weeks, it arrived.
I was already unwell at the time.
She was coming to relax and give me some mummy loving.
I really needed her at the time.
I always need her. hahaha.

I had been e mailing DJ. Sending his texts.Telling him I was unwell.
He knew my situation.
But he cares for nothing but money.
When he could not get anymore from me.
That was it.
I'm sure he hoped that I would just get AIDS and die.

My weight loss from the stress was obvious to many.
My Yaya cooked. But I just had no desire to eat.
I was stressed out when this piece of paper arive.
This subpoena.
I almost died.
I had no idea what it meant.
I had to get a lawyer.

I have NEVER been in trouble in my life.
I have never been charged with a crime.
I have lived in many countries during my life.
I have a perfect record.

The reason I have more then one passport is because I am a good citizen wherever I live.
I contribute and I always work hard for my passports.
I left Canada at twenty.
I moved to Amsterdam with a boy I loved.
I was very young.
But I had already spent much time in Europe in my later teens.
I was a very young gypsy.
But very grown up.

It was beautiful. That love. We are still very close friends.
His name is Peter.
And he is following my blog in Switzerland.
We were romantic and we were young.
And in love........ but I am degressing. hehe

It was timed.
This subpoena.
I'm sure.
I'm positive (quite literally). hehe
His lawyer was a complete bitch.
She was texting me everyday, convincing me she was trying to help me.
Meanwhile the entire time, she is trying to have me deported.
DJ, you make me sick to my stomach.
And your lawyer is a complete waste of time.
VERY unprofessional.

DJ knows how much I love my mom.
He spoke to her many times on the phone when I was still in Australia sending him all the money for our business.
He knows I borrowed seventeen thousand dollars from her to give to him.
I paid her back though. Sold my truck.
Because I am a decent human being DJ.
Why don't you ask your mom for money?
What would she say?
I though so.

You blew it mate.
And not just my dick.

My mom's trip to Boracay was big for both of us.
I was already nervous.
You all know how much I love my mother.
She is a very calm woman.
I did NOT want her having to deal with my shit.

DJ knew my dream was to have mom on Boracay.
She had worked very hard on my farm in Australia and needed a wonderful break.

And she ended up loving my single room and tiny bathroom.
I had no hot water, so I boiled our bath water everyday.
It was like camping. Brilliant.
She loved every second.
So did I.

I live a very no frills life.
Some people think I partied with the GG. Not true.
I was NEVER in the Manila scene.
Just a keen observer from the sidelines.
I knew the torture would pay off one day.
I have always been a very simple 'normal' (whatever that means) person. Like my mother.
Grounded. Secure. Basic.
She never complained about my small room.
She is used to a big farmhouse.
But we LOVED it.

My Yaya, my mother, my golden retriever, and myself for six weeks.
In my tiny little room.
We just loved it.
Brought us so close.
Talked about everything.
But not DJ.
NO way.

DJ never stoped trying to get me deported.
Or at least threaten me with deportation.
He threatened me.
His mother.
His lawyer.
Word got back to me on Boracay that DJ was going to have my snatched.
I got many texts warning me.

For nothing.
Except his cheap nasty accusation of assault.
Which was laughed out of the police station.
Which was rubbish out of the bin.
Absolute rubblish DJ. And you know it.

You punched the shit out of my heart and soul. Kicked my self esteem in the guts. Knifed my hopes and dreams in the kidney's. Convinced me I was unworthy of you. Told me I had no style. No fashion sense.

Me? No fashion sense.

Hahahaha, ok I'll give you that one.

Me? Unworthy of you?
Fat fucking chance ass bandit.

DJ woke up one day a while after our separation.
When he realised that I was not going to scurry off back to Australia with my tail between my legs...... he began to worry.

Go back?
After only three months?
Without my money?
Are you insane DJ?

Keep trying DJ.
Look at my life.
Now look at yours.
Your Facebook friends, you know dear, are only cyber friends.
They are not going to hold you when you cry.
Be there when you are staring at the ceiling.
Because you can't sleep.
Because your conscience is gasping for air.
Clutching onto crumbling rock.
On a cliff edge.
Looking down.
Let go DJ.

Delfin, I am so hitched.
To your wagon matey.
And were heading down the same road.
Until you pay me back, we are joined.

This subpoena means nothing to me now.
But back then, It terrified me.
To death.

I put it in a drawer and prayed that I would not be taken away during my moms visit.
I had the fear of god in me because of your disgusting attempts to do me harm.

DJ, you should have had me killed.
You dumb shit.
100,000 would have gotten rid of me.


You could not afford to have me killed DJ.
Celine told me she stoped you from having me hurt.
Is that true DJ?
Were you going to have me 'shot' on Boracay?
In January?

You were.

Not that you would know ANYTHING about that.

Right DJ?


Suck it Montano.
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