29 March 2008

Television Interviews

Good morning and good day readers,

Today I start the next phase of my mission.

In my relentless attempts to get back my savings.
From DJ Montano.
I will stop at nothing.
Until I can get back to my life,
knowing I am secure again.

I can't move on.
I've tried.
A million times.
Just can't do it.

I have no money.
This is NOT fair.
I have lost everything.
I need balance again.
Its crippling.

So I have nothing to lose.

Prepare DJ.
This is only going to get worse for you.
Your friends.
Your family.

To think DJ.
You did all of this.
Not I.

I am only responding out of sheer desperation.

Wish me luck.

I am getting so much grief and flack because of my spelling errors.
Please give me a break. It's just how I write.
I don't care.
And neither should you.
There are bigger issues to think about. Bigger ones then my spelling.

BUT, if it bothers you that much, please feel free to send me a correct version and I will make the revisions.
And we can all sleep better at night.

If your a perfect speller. Good for you.
I'm jealous.
I am not.


No more posts today.
I need a day off.
With Lucy and Pickles.
And my interviews.
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