30 March 2008

RACISM SUCKS!!!!!!!.... and DJ Montano has been FIRED!

From a VERY good source.

The Star has cut all ties with DJ Montano.

I recieved this information from a 'high up' at the paper.

DJ Montano has apparently been fired from The Star.
No more articles from The Deej.

We can all have a sigh of relief.

I KNOW, he had three columns ready for print.

I have read one of them!

So in fact, the STAR had every intention of keeping him as a contrubitor.

PLEASE get YOUR facts straight.

Being fired. Being terminated. Let go.

Call it what you will.

But Celine and Tim will remain.

For now......!


How could they keep these two?
After all we know?

To delete or not to delete?
This is the question regarding rascist comments.
Who is posting them?

What should I let through?

I am accused of being bias/slanted when I delete comments.
I am trying to be fair and balanced.
When I delete comments, people want to know what I've deleted.

Please defend your point of view on this blog.
Racism is a fact of life.
Even though it is hideous and ignorant to the extreme.

Like homophobia.
And sexism.
And descrimination.

We all have to deal.

It sucks, but its a fact.
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