30 March 2008

The Manila Paris is in Paris.

Celine dear,

How is Paris?



When are you coming home to your reality?

To face your music in Manila.

My 'gorgeous' spy in Paris TRIED to take your picture, but her phone battery was dead.

Celine was spotted with another Asian girl.......Wendy we believe.

I have been told that Celine and Wendy are doing an ART course in Paris.

They can't take the heat in Manila.

Come home Celine. I have a surprise for you and DJ.

Celine, you can't run from this problem.

Paris is not the place for you dear.

Manila is. I want you to feel the stares.

I want DJ to feel the stares.

Because people will be staring.

And not because of your clothes Celine.

Because people know now what and who you really are.

This is NOT going away for you Celine.

Or Wendy.

But most of all, DJ MOntano.

******* One of the females was wearing the Gucci Guccisime leather boots.**********

My spy is a fabulous fashion student.

Thank you very much for this tip.
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