16 March 2008


Thank you readers for sending me the links for the articles in your daily newspapers. Er, um, I mean the Inquirer.

That figures though. But oh well. At least one of them had the balls. Go Inquirer!!!

The majority of the Star's lifstyle contributors appear in my posts. As does the principle character in this blog. The Talented Mr. Montano. So I understand them being reluctant to spread the word. Cowards.

The comments section in my blog did have to be closed. I'm sorry.
Many people want me to re- open it. I am thnking about it. I see the point you all make about opening up the diologue to a wider playing field. But this is not a game.
This is my life.
Call the people up you are angry with and tell them.
I tried a million times to call DJ, and Celine and Jackie and the rest.

But nothing.
Slap after slap in the face.

Celine, you and your hollow pathetic threats against me. Your a blow hard bluff. You should hide.
Go away Celine.

Off to re- hab with you and DJ. And the rest of you.

Its my life. My future. I have everything at risk here.
None of you have lost anything because of this.
Lucky bastards.
I really have lost it all.

This is not healthy for me.
But I am driven by the fire within me for justice.
I have been ripped off in the worst sort of way. My boyfriend got to my money through my heart.
Now that is sneaky indeed!
Like a racoon at midnight.
With rabies.

I have given up my privacy to pursue this objective.
People know who I am now.
I managed to avoid being Googled until now.
Now when you type my name, BAM, there I am. Dirty laundry all over the web.

It's worth it though because my closet is clean. I have no ghosts. No skeletons. NONE.
Only the ghost of DJ.
Who continues to haunt me daily.
And the sleleton of Celine. Eat girl. EAT!

I used to be very private before I met DJ.
Before him, I was together with my first partner for twenty years.
I worked VERY hard for twenty years to build up my savings.
I worked like hell on my farm creating something great.
I can't just write that off so easily.
My hands still ache from the work.

Who could walk away from 70,000 dollars?
Almost three million pesos.
Not much to some........... but it's EVERYTHING to this guy.
Could you walk away from it?

I had no idea what I was getting into when I moved to the Philippines.
Believe me.
Its all smoke and mirrors at first. They suck you in and then bleed you dry.
I call it Celine and DJ's bag or tricks. Cost me more then all the blow in Manila.

DJ had my money before my bags were unpacked.
He is a master. A bloody master I tell you.
But he wanted more.
He wanted another hundred thousand dollars.
I almost died when he asked me at dinner one night.
Yes, I paid for dinner. Go People's Palace!!!

I could NOT get that much money for him.
No way. I could not even ask my accountant for that much.
He would have laughed.
That was a huge amount of money to me. Still is.
I started to worry.
DJ thinks I'm a millionaire.
When really, I'm just a normal guy with normal savings.

Well, I was just a guy with savings. And he wanted them.
Now DJ has my money.

It was all down hill from there.
I lost so much during my year in the Philippines.
My money. My dreams. My healthy outlook on humanity.
Not being dramatic.
The truth.

However, the comments section as it turned out, was not smoke and mirrors. Not at all.
It was a clear indication to me that 'free speach' is not really afforded to everyone in Manila and beyond. People are afraid to speak the truth. Defend what they see as 'hyocrytical' or blatent examples of greed and selfishness.
Or to face off with another for fear of 'social retribution' and job security and so on. Purely because of this persons 'connections'.

The comments section went crazy.
Cybil-esque crazy.

Like Beyonce.

set them free on a blog.

Its just the rich who can sqaush you if you fuck with them. And other people who convince themselves that they are rich. Right Deej.
Bless the poor maids and drivers. I feel for them.

The 'other' people have no voice. Just secret whispers.

Give people a forum to vent , and the results are incredible. DJ and his fantasyland only exsist for one reason.
Because the bit players in his tragedy continue to look the other way when tickets sales to his show are low. As long as the house is packed (and their obligitory nostrils with cocaine), DJ is great. Ladies and Gents, 'Let the show begin'!

I begged you Celine and Marcel to help me get my money back. I asked you all to help me. I told you from the start Jackie that DJ took everything. But you all said NOTHING.
Nothing to help me.
You just told me to fuck off.
Remember Celine. DJ?

Remember me Celine? The guy you said you 'loved'. Whatever babe. As hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny. A stale one at that.
Celine told me one day, granted, she was 'higher then a weather balloon', that if DJ fucks up this relationship, she would kill him.
Well Celine, when are you going to kill him?
Because he fucked up everything.
For me and for you dear. You own him. Help him see the light dear. Do what you said you would do dear.

Be a good friend.

The comments section took attention away from my main and only objective. Or was it?
To shame my ex boyfriend and business partner into giving me my savings back.
Thats pretty simple.
Don't ya think?
He's not HIV positive, but I am.
I need my security back.

But a different kind of blog. A society blog. Peel the lid totally off.
But the problem is. You can't do that in your country. I have to do it here in Australia.

Too much REAL fear in Manila. Honest fear. True fear. Its tragic and sad. You will always be considered third world until this is fixed. Powerful families have ruined the Phillippine's. Just ruined everything.

Its became too big for me to monitor, the comments. But I have some friends helping me now. That was a HUGE surprise for me and I could not cope.

I knew Manila had a toxic cloud over it.
But I had no idea just how much acid rain would fall.
Buckets and buckets and buckets.

Those comments.
The vemon.
The hatred.
Like battery acid.

I will have my privacy back one day. But DJ has to pay me first.
I am looking forward to posting my Western Union reciept tomorrow.
Keep fighting me DJ.
This will cost you more then 70,000 dollars at the end of the day.
Fix this please and pay me back.

I haven't even started my law suit against you.
I will have you on interpol watch before I am through.
The Australian authorities are watching this unfold.
My lawyer will go toe to toe with any of your legal team.
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