15 March 2008


I am assembling my documents. To prove to everyone that I sent DJ my life's savings for our business's that never were.

I will be posting them tomorrow morning. I will also be posting bank documents.

My mother has asked me if I would like her to write a plea to DJ, for my money back.

Sweet, but not yet Mummy.

I had these documents in Manila last year when I arrived from Australia.

But DJ stole my files from my hotel room the last day I saw him. Along with the entire contents of my safe which was 250,000 pesos, my plane ticket to Boracay, my mobile phone, passport, birth certificate and Baptism papers. Poof! Gone.

It has been a nightmare to re aquire these very important papers. But I have.

It was impossible for me to do this in the Philippines. I had no choice but to come home to Australia and put my blog together.

DJ took everything from me.


Help me DJ. Help me move on with my life.

I am begging you.

Give me back my money.

I have nothing because of you.

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