14 March 2008

Oh really Celine?

Please find below the e mail I recieved from Celine's lawyers.

Now Celine,you are dilussional dear. I have NEVER asked you for one peso. I have NEVER asked anyone for one peso. Except DJ Montano.
To suggest that I have tried to have you or Marco or anyone else to pay DJ's debt is false.
I only demand that you continue to place pressure on him to re pay me. I will continue until I get my life savings back.

You have never cared about a good outcome for me. You supported DJ from day one. And now you have to stick with it babe, until I am happy.

You can't run away Celine because things are shitty now between you and the thief.
You were there in the middle of it when my life was being destroyed. You watched me get hauled away by the police. You never called to see if I was alive and ok. Celine, you treated me like trash.
And you will remain in the middle of it until your best friend pays me back the money YOU know he has had for almost a year.

I will start posting more entries today.


March 14, 2008

Mr. Brian Gorell

Dear Sir,

Good day! We write in behalf of our client, Ms. Celine R. Lopez, regarding the blog which you have established called delfindjmontano.blogspot.com. supposedly as a result of the money problem you supposedly encountered with Mr. Delfin Montano , who used to be closely associated with our client along with other several personalities whom you cited in your blog.

Our client has relayed to us that Mr. Montano supposedly owes you money and that you have been demanding the said amount from him as well as from his friends, including Ms. Lopez.

We have also been informed that Ms. Lopez and another friend of hers, Mr. Marco Antonio, have both been persistent in asking Mr. Montano to settle and resolve this affair with you but all they were getting from him were vague answers and a series of denials.

At this point, we just want you to know that our client is no longer in communication with Mr. Montano and in as much as she wants to help you with your problem with the latter, our client does not have the capacity to assist you as she was not privy to the transaction which only you and Mr. Montano can properly resolve.

Should you have questions or should you wish to make any clarification with regard to the matter, please do not hesitate to call, e-mail, or contact the undersigned. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,




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