14 March 2008

New E mail address

Throughout the night I have been battling with hackers on my computer. You will not stop me. In fact, you only make things worse. Because I get angry. And then I post.

Some people are really trying to stop this blog. I wonder why?

I have shut down my yahoo address. I have had to change it four times as a result of this hacker.

My new secure address is


Yahoo is not secure. None of my mail boxes have been enetered. I just can't access them.

Any correspondance is confidential.

This is a secure Australian line. If this address gets tampered with. The police will be called. It is a big crime in Australia to tamper with communications.

Someone out there is very smart. DJ was brilliant with computers and at one point interfaced with mine without my knowledge.
Surely thats a crime. I do believe that DJ Montano is in fact, tampering with my computer. DJ or a friend of his.

But this will not stop me from my objective.

To recover my life's savings from the man who took it from me.

Anyway's, this is just another hurdle in my path for justice.


I can't retrieve and e mails sent on the last twelve hours to my yahoo address. I am trying to fix this with yahoo and they will also investigate. Please resend them to the above e mail address.

Just another day of trickery.

***** I have retrieved access to my yahoo e mail ********

I will respond as quickly as I can to your mail.
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