13 March 2008

Re- opening my BLOG, by demand.

Over four thousand e mails. Thats how many I have recieved. Four thousand, two hundred and eighty six.

People from all over the world are demanding that I re open this blog. So I will. I have touched a nerve.

People see the injustice done against me.

I will re - open it without a comments section.

DJ will not pay me back. He would see me suffer first.

People have gone to him and begged him to do the right thing.

His friends have gone to him. His family has gone to him.

But he will not admit to having my money. Too ashamed I'm sure. As he should be.

So. But DJ, do it for my health. My HIV is not going away. I need my money back.

The media wants access to this blog.

I feel I have no choice but to do exactley that.

DJ is ignoring my requests for balance. He will NOT pay me back.

His friends don't give a shit about me, thats apparent, so the blog will re appear later today.

In its full glory.

I am sick and tired of being ignored by DJ Montano.

If I have not heard anything from DJ or hs camp before five o clock.
I will re open the blog.

Every post plus more.

I am tired and broke. And I am deeply deeply hurt and affected by this. Because your friend, son, brother, best mate took my lifes savings. 70,000 dollars.


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