12 March 2008


It's very simple. I have not been paid a single peso.

The rumors are false. Sad and false.

DJ still owes me.

My blog can be re opened at any time.

If these rumors persist, I will have no choice but to re open this blog.

I have been so very patient for so long DJ.

Its time for you to act now mate. Do the right thing and pay me back.

I am upset now. Broke.

No one has approached me to help me get my saving back.
Borrow the money DJ. Like I had to borrow from my mom to give money to you.

Come on now. If DJ had paid me back, I would devulge that. If it happened.

But it has not.

I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID ONE peso, by anyone.

I will simply turn my post back on and walk away.

Every post will remain.

And I will also start to add my proof on this blog.

Proof that I sent money to DJ and his sister.
I will also expose DJ through my bank records and a letter from my lawyer.

I can re open this blog until justice is mine. Not extortion DJ. Balance.


Just leave the posts there forever.

So every single person has a chance to read what I have been through.

You think your smart DJ. But you're not.

I will just re open this blog.

I have NEVER tried to extort money from anyone. EVER. I have only ever asked DJ to find a way to pay me back the money that he stole away from me. Maybe from the people who watched him do and could not care less for the victim of his own extortion of me.
I don't care who he borrows the money from. Thats up to him.

In fact I was the one extorted from, so please stop trying to scare me with this word. It will NOT work.

I have had to close the comments section. Sorry.
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