12 March 2008


I have NO intention of opening up a paypal account. I never did.

I am not that desperate.

I am not charity for others to feel sorry for.

I am a proud man.

DJ took my money, and DJ will give it back. He has no choice.

I will be posting the Western Union reciepts soon enough so you can all see the money of mine that he has, or rather had.

THANK YOU for the people who though of this idea. Your beautiful for caring so much. Totally beautiful.
I know you were only suggesting it as a way to help.

Please, I do not want one peso from anyone but DJ. I have never asked for money from any individual apart from The Talented Mr. Montano.


I am a man who will stand tall and proud in the face of adversity.

Keep your money people. Give some away to charity in my name.

Really, sweet idea. Touched I was.

Thank you.

Until DJ pays me back, I will be living on an Australian pension for people with dissabilities.
Thanks DJ for taking away my independence. Real nice.
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