19 January 2009


Manila's tarnished party King and Queen

Vintage Entry - Original Post March 09 2008
-this is my response to

Anonymous on January 18, 2009 7:46 PM

the topic of tim yap has worn thin that's why this thread is eerily quiet.

Dear Anon,

You miss the comments?
Yes some people are tired of Tim Yap and have been for a LONG time.
But I'm not tired and neither are the vast majority of my very loyal readers.
So this vintage post is for them and especially for you Anon.
The first of 10 vintage entries I'll be sharing......... as we approach my first Blogiversary on March 4th.
Let's look back shall we?
Enjoy these comments Anon.

Original Post March 09 2008


I despise '
Not only because he's DJ and Celine's best friend, But because he's disgusting and cruel to others, who
he thinks are beneath him and the Gucci Gang which of course he's a leader of, along with Celine, his female equivalent.
Venue provider for sure.
Treasurer as well, I believe.
Or drug pusher?
This guy
must be stopped.
His drug fueled industry/Club Embassy is no longer a secret.
His playground has been disturbed.
It all happens at Embassy.
VVVVVVVIP all the way baby.

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