18 January 2009

Anton San Diego/The Establishment

Anton San Diego, Tessa Valdes, and Joey Mead attending Tim's Birthday Brunch

Kitty Go wrote-

Speaking of poufs, http://www.donavictorina.blogspot.com/ thinks TIM YAP might be going to jail. What great news! And what great pictures we will have of him with coloured hair in a line-up photo with ID number (6666969??) and what, Paul Smith stripes as background?? And it seems like the furry cuffs I put on Alicia Santos Daniels in my book is now going to be on Yoyo Tan. My, my....how truth is tons more exciting than fiction!! I could NEVAH imagine that!

Speaking of ASD, Anton san Diego is opening some kind of establishment called you guessed it, The Establishment, next to...you guessed it. Embassy!

Perhaps the Taguig government better just raze that whole block and build a multi-use complex since one establishment is already involved in multi use.....of drugs.

Ay complex pala...Ay multi drug use...Ay, it's complicated....

ASD, Maria Izadora Calzado (gorgeous),Tim Yap and SR Gutierrez

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