18 January 2009

Charity Lopez Style

Dear Readers,

Mr. and Ms. Publicized Charity CELINE and TITO LOPEZ

Coursed through the Taos Puso Foundation Incorporated (TPFI) of couple Emily Relucio-Lopez and Albertito Lopez and ABS-CBN Iloilo, beneficiary-families were heavily affected residents of Barangay Ungka II, Pavia , Barangay Cagay, Alimodian and San Miguel, Iloilo. Hundreds of men, women, children and the elderly eagerly awaited for the distribution led by the couple's daughter, Celine and Fe Daphne Goitia, guidance counselor of Manresa School.

P20,000 in SM gift certificates and 2,500 cans of Century tuna sardines were given to the relief mission through Celine's efforts.
Her brother Tito Lopez also gave out his personal share of P10,000 to add up to the relief fund.
Meanwhile, efforts of students from Manresa School raised 156 boxes of assorted canned goods, noodles and used clothing. Such on top of the P110,000 raised by the students in a fund-drive immediately after the typhoon hit Iloilo.
The Lopez relief mission also got P20,000 from Senate President Manny Villar and 720 packs of noodles, P100,000 from the Spouses of the Heads of Mission group and P20,000 from a Lopez friend, Marot Moreno. Negros Navigation also contributed to the relief mission.

Gift certificates?
20,000 pesos from cheap bastard Manny Villar? (hey big spender)
Did JM Rodriquez hand it out while singing off key?
Tito Lopez gave 10,000 pesos?
250 bucks Tito? You fucking CHEAP bastard! That's like three HIGH end blow jobs.
Is this what is considered charity in the Philippines.
A millionaire many times over giving 250 bucks, to his own Barangay?

A few pesos and some tuna?
All this when a single pair of Celine's shoes cost 70,000 pesos?
A dress four times as much.
And a SINGLE weekends worth of GG cocaine would be more than all of the above.
Celine can snort four baggies of cocaine in one weekend (if not more).
I have never seen a girl snort more cocaine.
Imagine if all the cocaine/drug money from one weekend at Embassy was given to charity.
Now THAT would be a TON of charity.
But that money goes 'up the nose'.

Lopez charity is a joke.
They only do it to get in the papers.
It's all a giant sham.

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