17 January 2009

I Smell a RATS

Gucci Gang Members JM Rodriguez and Tim Yap
at Yaps recent 'lavish' birthday brunch.

Subject: Embassy nabs student with marijuana

Dear Brian,

I've been following your blog about the drug scene in
Embassy and recently this was on the news.

It's about a student of medicine who was nabbed by the Embassy's security guard for "bringing in" a very small amount of marijuana in Embassy.

I truly believe that this was a "cover up" or something orchestrated by Embassy to make themselves look good and appear that they are "fighting" the war against drugs. The poor kid was their "Scapegoat."

Anyway, we should wait until the investigation is finished but I doubt justice will be done.

From reading your blog, I think if they really wanted to generate good publicity they should also arrest their drug addict boss, the stupid Tim Yap.
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Dear Readers,

What do you think readers?
Was this an overt attempt by Embassy to 'frame' an example to prove they're doing something about the out of control rampant drug use at his club?
I mean,
What about the kilos of cocaine?
What about the thousands and thousands of E's?
The illegal gambling?
The murders?
What the hell is going on here?

They bust one young kid for a bit of pot, and that's it?
You have got to be kidding me!
The drug dealers run amok inside and a first year med student is busted at the door.
It really sucks.
Tim Yap created this mess.
And now the Embassy lemmings are paying the price.
Tim Yap condones drug use and always has.
Drugs are the very foundation of his 'SHAMpire'.
Arrest him!
Not the kid with a few bloody joints.
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