18 April 2008


One of my most fervent supporters made this video for the blog.
It made ma laugh so hard when I really needed a laugh.
Thank you so much friend for creating some great humor for my blog.
The fact that you are in America is not lost on me.
My readers are from 38 countries from all over the world.
I just can't believe how funny this is.
Humor is global.
We all get it.
Paolo is a a true supporter of mine.
From day one.
And I am thrilled he took the time to create this for me and for all of you.

Enjoy Paolo's handy work.
I sure did. About fifty times at least. Hahahahaha.
I just love watching Aurora dance.
Its hilarious.
I love you Paolo.
Your the best.

These creative , clever posts give me some time away from the blog.
I do need it.
The blog is a very hungry little monster indeed.
I need to feed it or it gets cranky.
Like Tina.
Gobble, gobble, gobble.
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