18 April 2008

Learn To Fly....... Like an Angel....and Be HAPPY

Shannon Knoll is my favorite Australian male singer.
His voice is simply amazing.
When ever I am sad or lonely, I listen to this beautiful song.
I lose myself in it's message.
And it makes me happy again.
I dream of flying far away from my troubles.
To soar above it all is my true dream.
And be happy always.

I have never posted a song before.
Some may think it's corny.
And I don't mind.
But if one person likes this song as much as I do, then it was worth it.
Because you can't ignore the lyrics.
They are true for us all.

I LOVE angels.
I believe in them.
I have one watching over me now.
We all do.
Yes, even them.

This is not a sad song. Not at all.
It's a happy song.
Not all happy songs have a beat.
This one has a soul.
Like all of us.
Well, almost all of us.

I know I said good night before.
But you know, I'm a bit restless.
So here is my favorite inspirational song from Shannon Knoll.
A true blue Australian.
Unlike this import at the keyboard..
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