18 April 2008

Eating Humble Pie

Thank you, for today's VERY uplifting comments.
I am feeling the love.
Its super duper.
And I am truly humbled.

There is so much happening in the comments section lately.
The Philippines is so full of brilliant people.
And a few dodgy ones too.
But we can't do anything about them.
You always seem to beat them down.
Brilliantly I must say!
Intelligence always trumps ignorance.

I learn so much everyday from the blog.
I WILL come back one day to see you all in the Philippines.
Sooner then you may think.
It will be a real party.
With no drugs.
Just lots of rum and cokes.

The media went VERY well today.
The focus is shifting.
My message is being, fine tuned.
At last.
The proof is out there now.
So much proof.
The Montanos were not believed.
The Philippines people can smell a rat.
Let alone a family of rats.

Prepare DJ.
Round two is about to begin.
Buckle up Delfin sweetie, because it's going to be a very BUMPY ride (Bette Davis, hehehe).
I am learning as I go.
But my eye's are wide open this time.
I may make mistakes, but at least they are honest mistakes.
We all make them.
I have been pushed to the limit.
And now I will shread my opposition.

Magic 89.9 is still under attack.
Certain people DO NOT want me to appear on Wednesday.
But Quest is standing firm.
In the face of much hostility.

There has been a concerted effort this past weeks to remove my blog links from the web.

Some losers are posting STAR article and labeling them DJ Montano or Brian Gorrell.
You click the link and its another STAR story. Nothing to do with my blog.
My blog is now on page four because it has been put back by fake posts.
Some people are spending all their time trying to destroy this blog.
I wish they had worked as hard as I did for my money.
I wish these 'people' knew, that they were being used, and wasting their precious time on earth, doing the work of the devil and his family.
They are so desperate now.
They can't shut me down.
They will have to sue me in Australia.
Fat Chance Aurora.
YOu will never sue me here.
You have no money.

I don't know what to do from here for Magic.
I feel responsible in a way.
It's ok for me because I am safe in Australia.
But they are in Manila and I worry.
I really do.
What if they sue Mo personally?
I would die.
He is being very brave.
He really is under attack.

Digg has expressed interest in this blog.
I will be posting the blog their soon.
This should really help, in spreading the blog truly internationally.
Which is another new objective for me.
There are a few now in my life.
It's great to be alive!
Today was really special for me.
My mom called me.
And I was able to speak to my 86 year old Lola.

Bless my mother for preparing me, for this hard phase of my life.
Her years of devoted love for me are paying off.
I am fighting for and with her too now.
I have always had to work for her respect.
I earn it by working hard for it.

I am fighting for every Filipino and Filipina, who has ever lost a battle that they knew deep down in their heart of hearts, they should have won...... easily. But they didn't.
I fight for the many battles that my mother fought, but never stood a chance of winning, throughout her life.
For all the ones she HAD to give up on for the sake of her children.
This blog is for my dear mother Patricia.
My inspiration and beacon in life.
My mother is truth, honor, and devotion and the ultimate loyalty.
I worship her humanity.
And her tender giving heart.
I love you mummy.

Video blog tomorrow readers.
Not up to it tonight.
Being on camera is very stressful for me.

I need sunshine for my blog.

Sunshine and light.
And maybe a surprise.

Good night dear readers.
Good night TEAM BRIAN
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