10 April 2008

Holding Steady

I understand that some of you want me to go on television tonight with Korina, Mo and DJ.

No way!

I smell a rat.

Too many people have warned me about her show.
The format is not something I am comfortable with.
I am at a HUGE disadvantage.
You should have flown me there Korina.

I'm afraid you are going about this the wrong way Korina.
But it's your show dear.
Your guests.
I just wish you had given me the same courtesy.
But you offered me none.

Last minute radio spot to defend my entire blog.
A blog that you have NOT read Korina.
Some journalist.
Thanks love, but no thanks.

Let DJ spin his web of lies.
I am prepared for anything.
You should be too Korina.

But what I really want, is for DJ to pay me back.
Ask him for me please Korina.
I have been fegging for months.

I want DJ to call me on the phone.
Let's chat DJ.

Because you know what you are.
Who you really are.
What you did to me.

I know.
I hope Korina can see through you,
like I wish I had a long time ago.

He should have handled this like a man from the very beginning.

But you are not a man DJ.
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