10 April 2008

Korina and DJ and Mo

DJ Montano will appear with Korina Sanchez on her show tonight at 6pm Manila time

This should be interesting.

In fairness, Korina called last night and asked me to be on the show as well.
Via telephone. I said no. I will not do battle on television.

I feel it is beneath me to appear with him.
It's his turn now to put his side out there.
I can hardly wait.

Will he deny his cocaine addiction?
Can he deny the many accusations leveled by me and MANY others in the comments section?
Will he deny the Western Union receipts?
The bank transactions?
My money had to go somewhere.
Where is it all DJ?
70,000 dollars matey.

There is no balance in that television equation.
I just can't take the chance of an ambush.
I know my ex boyfriend, VERY WELL.
I don't just want to be a ratings booster for her show.
I am too fragile at the moment to be subjected to more lies and deception.
I do not want to hear his voice.
The pain is still too deep.
His family have treated me like garbage.

They can all get fucked.

Good luck with your interview today Korina dear.
What was your secret love?
How did you get him to talk?
And the whole family too?
And the lawyer as well (dumb sack of shit).
Wow, they have only threatened me in the past.
Complete bunch of gansters, the lot of them.

Threaten and steal.
DJ's family should have convinced DJ to pay me back long ago. NONE of this would be happening if he just paid me back.
They fucked with the wrong guy.

Korina dear, can you please ask him where my live savings are?
How he spent it?
Can you ask his sister what she did with the thousands of dollars I sent to her for her brother?
Ask DJ who he really is. What he is capable of. The many lives he has tampered with.
Ask him why he cheated on me.
Ask him why he is such a filthy little thief.

Ask him how many people he owes money to.
Ask him Korina, how he sleeps at night, knowing he let a woman die before paying her back a huge sum of money.
Ask his mother how her Christian heart allows her to look past her son's evil deeds.
Ask DJ's mother if she is proud of DJ.
Could she ever be proud of DJ?

He systematically decimated my life.
Destroyed any vestige of happiness I had.

I used to have money for my drugs. I never worried.
I used to have emergency money to fly.
I never had worries before because I had my nest egg.
But because of DJ, I spend most of my time scared.

I have problems already with my HIV.
I can't work a normal job.
My life has been affected forever because of DJ.
I am desperate and devastated.
I will not close the blog until DJ pays me back.

I am ready for lawyers.
I can prove everything.
I already have.
Korina, read my blog.
I know you haven't.
How could you possibly give a proper interview without having read my blog?
I wonder.

ecause of DJ, I am lost.
Now when I have an illness I panic inside.
I worry where I will live if I get sick.
I am about to lose my legacy because your interview subject stole my money.

Ask him Korina, why he snatched my money, plane ticket, passport, birth certificate, baptism papers and personnel possessions from my hotel room the night I confronted him.

Ask his why I was never charged with assault.


I hope you get this right Korina.

I know you hate blogs.
And you are NOT a fan of mine.
You have been against me from the beginning.
But that's ok.

I understand your network.
How it operates.
I have some people on the inside I suppose you can say.

I will find out what my readers think through the comments.
I know they will not disappoint me.

I have been begging for a duologue with DJ for many months. I started the blog because he would not pay me back.
I tried everything to get his attention.

Nothing worked.
But this blog obviously has......
Because now he is going on television.

He will appear with his FAMILY and lawyer.

I welcome his interview. I have been waiting for a very long while.
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