13 September 2010


Re-posted from original entry on 07.08

Dear Brian,

I guess your blog will help prevent other decent gay people from being duped. I don't know if I am saying this right but gay people seemed to be yearning for love and companionship that result in them being very vulnerable.

I hope they can be like us, Chinese, who will hear a loud bell ringing once someone tries to dip his or her hands into our finances.

More power to you Brian and stay healthy. I hope one day you can come back to the Philippines and kick the asses of these gucci gangster and tiny tim yap and DJ a**hole.

First things first.
I thought Korina was GREAT!
Very balanced. Good questions.
I applaud her approach.
He was not coddled.
Nor should he have been.
Even though I think he had the questions before hand.
I could tell he had a chance to study up.
I thought his English was terrible.
I was shocked.
Because apparently he never reads the blog.
Perhaps he should.
Snobby little prick.

And what can I say about Mo?
Well I think the world of him.
He was brilliant on the show. And has been all along for helping me out.
Love you Mo. And your crew.
You have always been honest and real with me.
Always asked me the hard questions.
Your tough. And cute.
I thought you did a perfect job.

Which leads me to DJ Montano.

DJ, you are pathetic.

I listened live to your interview.

You are a liar DJ.

You are a coke head and a THIEF!

You claim I have given you no money.


I DO NOT block ANY nasty comments about me. I let them ALL through.
Stop trying to tell my readers that I block nice comments about you.

There are none mate. SORRY.
Liar liar, pants on fire.

You and your 'friend' with the website can kiss my ass.
She obviously loves crooks.
I will kick her ass after yours.
Sue me bitch.
I am ready for you and your corrupt family.
The Montanos aka, 'the grifter clan'.

My lawyer will trash you and your pathetic 'case' against me.

I have proof. You are a thief.

You think your going to win DJ.
You are DEAD wrong.
You always have been.
You tried to ruin me.
Destroy me.
But you never will.

I will always beat you DJ.

Because truth ALWAYS prevails.
And I am truth.

Your mother said you have tons of money to pay me back.
It would be easy for you.
Really DJ.
Your mother is evil for saying that.

I HAVE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
I have NO money you little bastard.
I am BROKE because of you.
You will pay for the money you stole from me.
I swear.

You ARE afraid of me.
You stole my money.
Every bit I had.
You lied to your own people.
You accused me of being 'against' Filipino's.
Your mad.
Mad I tell you.
You are a common criminal.
A bandit.

You are a liar.

I spent my own money on Boracay.
You never gave me ONE peso of my money you little pig.

Fuck you.

The money was for our business's.

You are a liar.

You have NO friends.
Your sister is a crook as well.

Are you telling me it cost me 70,000 to live on BORACAY for eight months.

You fucking filthy little liar.

It cost me FIVE thousand for the ENTIRE time I lived there.

I did NOT live like a King. I had a single room with NO hot water.
My mother spent seven weeks with me in my room.
With my dog.
AND my Yaya.

You STOLE all the money from my safe. 250,000 pesos in total.
You stole my plane ticket to Boracay.
My passport.
My birth certificate.
My ipod.
My shoes.

You said I lived like a King on Boracay.
Fuck you I did.
You are liar and a thief.
And no one believes you DJ.
I have NEVER lived like a king.
Ask anyone who knows me.
I am humble and generous to a fault.
So piss off with your king rubbish.

YOU OWE ME $70,000 Montano.
You admitted you owe me 70,000 dollars DJ.
You said its Australian, not American on tape.
What is dear?
Perhaps, the money you stole from day one?
I think so.

You will never file here.
And if you ever do, I will be ready to pounce on you.
Come with tons of cash mate because you will be in court for a LONG time.
And EVERY HIV/AIDS organisation that I can muster will be there to ask you how you can take the life savings of an HIV man away.
That's me by the way Deej.
Your ex boyfriend.
I will humiliate you on a global scale.
You and the ENTIRE Montano clan.
Every single one.

WE will beat you down.
WE will WIN.
I have a team of peope here ready for your 'barrister'.
You patronizing fool.
This is my country.
We do things differently here mate.
You treat your fellow Filipino with contempt and disdain.
WE will have you charged with so many crimes.
WE will have you put in JAIL DJ.
And show the Philippines that your type eventually pays for their crimes against others.

And by the way DJ.
You little shit.
They don't even know you DJ.
Joel's family does not even know you.

Come to Australia mate.

I will roast your little ass over my BBQ.

And YOU will be poor.

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