13 September 2010

DJ's Flash NEW Crib!

From this.....

to this.....
Common area where inmates are allowed 2 hours of 'roam' time before full lock down.
I hope DJ has enough time to become a 'proper prison bitch'.

This is the facility where DJ Montano now sleeps awaiting his next court appearance in America.
DJ's next court appearance in Arizona takes place 10am on Wednesday.
We are told that a FULL BODY CAVITY search is INTAKE MANDATORY at this facility due to the extreme drug problems.
Bend over DJ and enjoy it.

A typical cell in the prison where 2 or 3 people are housed together.
Showers take place every 3 days with zero phone privileges without your lawyer and a guard present.
No shoe laces allowed.
And the food is considered the worst prison food in America.
I bet you 70,000 dollars that DJ would KILL for some Jollibee spaghetti or some wonderful Chicken Inasal right about now....
instead of cabbage slop and urine soup.


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