12 September 2010

DJ Montano Arrested and JAILED in Arizona

DJ Montano is now in a Arizona Detention Facility...which means PRISON!

Charges continue to be filed against Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II in America including falsifying documents (much expired visa as well) and multiple counts of ID fraud in TWO states!
We are ALL patiently awaiting DJ's mug shot.
(For what you did to me DJ....this pay back is a real bitch Montano)
Your stealing days are well and truly over now Delfin.

HIV positive men everywhere can breath a sigh of relief.
All men in fact can breath a sigh of relief, knowing that more filthy scamming scum is off the streets.
You will no longer be preying on good, decent, hard working people with actual warm hearts.
People like me you bastard.
I no longer feels as idiotic as I once did about the money you took from me.
My good 'mummy's boy' heart was to blame.
And you were VERY good at what you do.
Mr. Riply.

And now?
My wholesome robust honest heart which is beating more beautifully than ever brings me cascades of pure joy because my life is wonderful now and I'm happier than I've ever been in my life!

Now I can relax, knowing my haters might finally stop hating me.
My bare exposed raw self deprecating truth deserves respect, not hate guys.
And that is why all three HATE blogs created solely to disturb the unique flow of my mission,
are now closed for good and forever.
Thank you TEAM BRIAN!

Yes Aurora, you were totally right about that one single thing you had the nerve to spew forth from your hateful corrupt enabling mouth.
Truth always prevails.

And now I can focus on my health..... finally confident that innocent proper people everyone are safe from another sociopath.

DJ's mother Aurora Montano Laurel once said to me (in the very same breath she used to threaten me with deportation due to my HIV status).
She said these exact words before I told her to go fuck herself. (in latin of course)

"Brian, truth will away prevail and God always punishes the evil doers".

I could not agree with you more Aurora Montano Laurel.
I was always telling the truth, and YOU KNEW IT!


The DISGRACED Montano Clan!
(Aurora "Auring" Montano pictured with youngest daughter Weena Montano (left) and DJ's co-conspiator and jointly accused Western Union 'money collector" sister Marvili Montano-Villar.
This entire fucking family has been RUTHLESS against me!
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