12 September 2010

DJ Montano Imprisoned!

Celine Lopez with her ex BFF DJ Montano high on cocaine sipping champagne in Celine's bedroom. Don't they look devious?

The very much disgraced and totally shamed 'DJ Montano' lying repeatedly to Korina Sanchez on national TV with his family present. Shortly after this interview, Montano fled the Philippines for America with his tail between his legs. Charges await him in the Philippines.

Dear Readers,

DJ Montano has been arrested in Arizona on charges of theft and two other charges not yet made public.
He is awaiting deportation at this time.
My lawyer spoke to the police this morning and they confirmed it with him and he called me immediately!!!!
DJ Montano is in jail.
He will be deported back to the Philippines ASAP.
America is doing the right thing!
DJ Montano is a PREDATOR who preyed on me and "VMD"!

Montano is being held on charges of stealing his ex's car and driving it over state lines.
Stealing... again DJ?

DJ you STOLE my privacy and my 70, 000.
Did you SERIOUSLY think I would let you get away with this?
I have HIV you mother fucker and YOU took advantage of that from DAY 1!
You DJ Montano are a sociopath!

We have been told that Montano's prominent ex BF, "VMD" called the police after DJ stole his car, so he had DJ arrested.
DJ is also accused of stealing a ton of money from "VMD".
I guess there's a line of 'us' victims now.
I'll never see my money.

As you all know I wrote about DJ's ex boyfriend and most recent victim before, and I've been told by friends in San Francisco that "VMD" is a very nice guy who was 'tricked' and feels 'stupid'.

DJ thought he could hide from me these last two years in America.
He was so DEAD wrong.

I've made so many connections through my blog his head would spin.
Connections Montano can only dream of.
I earned every one of them too.
I exposed my heart, mind, body and soul on my blog in hopes that I could get justice.
I knew people would not care unless I told them I was HIV.
I HAD to tell people and he will never understand how that changed my life.

I've waited for this wonderful day to come (along with my faithful readership of supporters).
And now the day has indeed come.
DJ Montano is now in jail!
Get ready Philippines!
DJ is coming home.....

I may not have my money back, but this is truly the next best thing.
DJ Montano... PAY UP!!!!

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