05 April 2008

Magic 89.9 to the Rescue

I love 89.9
I listen to it every morning now.

Please start at the top.

Thank you,

They have been very good to me.
Mojo and Mo, Andi and gorgeous Grace.
Modern, young and very relevant to Manila.
No question.
They are on the pulse.
I listen to them via satelite every morning now.
They are brilliant.
And super funny.
And Mo is gorgeous.

They have handled my blog with confidence and professionalism.
My story is not to be ridiculed or mocked.
It is happening to me..
And they treat it that way.
While being funny.
It's great.
They made me laugh.

What happened to me, is deadly serious.

I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

Except DJ of course.

I will be appearing on Magic 89.9 (via the phone naturally) every Wednesday for a while.
My slot is 7:30 am Manila time.

I look forward to spending time with Mojo, Mo, Grace Lee and Andi.

Please let everyone you know about it.
Because these guys are funny and I'm sure, they will make my reality a little lighter.
I need that now.
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