05 April 2008


DJ is back in the Philippines.
His mixed race ass in back on Philly soil.
The Spanish bull fighter was in honor of his great Spanish lineage.
He was spotted yesterday.

He is hiding out in one of his family's compounds in Tanza, Cavite.

He is either staying in the late Senator Justiniano Montano's compound which is near the Tanza Municipal Hall.
He could also be staying in the compound of his mother which is also near the boundary of Naic, Cavite.

Yesterday morning, Delfin saw a lady-dermatologist in Cavite.

DJ introduced himself as a "spa consultant" and that he "lives in Alabang but is vacationing in Tanza.

I think I know why he is going to this doctor.

DJ has a problem.

Something he just can't get rid of.

He needs the help of a GOOD dermatologist.

Am I paying for her too Delfin?

If anyone were to see DJ.

Please give him a message for me.

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