21 April 2008

Me? Ugly? Mummy? Could This Possibly be True?

I have rather enjoyed the last twenty four hours on the blog.
Even though I have been called ugly, fugly, plain looking, ordinary, faggy, messy, deathly,
old (this was a cheap one, hahaha), scared looking (?) and the rest. Even the dogs have been called ugly. Bawahahahahahahah!!!!!

Um, hello.. my dogs are like super models, ok?
Like totally.
We three live on a farm, not a Parisian catwalk.
I'm Brian, NOT Naomi.
Lucy and Pickles think I'm cute.
The wallabies thing I'm adorable.
The scrub turkeys LOVE me.
The possums line up to spend time with me.
And the pythons.
Well, were just wrapped around each other all the time.
You BETTER work it at Bethel Park!

The editors here are fierce bitches.

And they all live in the front row of my fashion show.
That's all that matters.
My animals are my stylists.
Nature does my hair and make up.
No bronzer for this dude.

My post yesterday ruffled some feathers.
About a million chickens worth.
Great to know you are all awake.
My team.
So I get emotional sometimes.
Big bloody deal.
I love being emotional.
I would never give it up for all the chocolate in the world.

"I am what I am", as Gloria Gaynor has previously preached.
And no, I did NOT dance to it the first time around.
I am ONLY thirty eight years old.
I'm HOT for thirty eight.
I'll be hot at fifty eight too, thank you very much.
This cat wants to see his reflection in twenty five years.
Stop trying to kill me early.
I have HIV, not a noose around my neck!
Mind you. I think there are a few people who would LOVE to place one snugly around this neck of mine. A la Saddam.

Smart, funny and emotional.
That's me.
And yes, I am attractive.
Just fighting back with the truth.
My style.
Dig it.
So keep your comments coming in.
Keep telling me how hideous I am.
I always need a laugh.
The nice ones
and the hateful ones.
Its what a blog is.
Points of views.
Its not always a happy place.
But usually it is.
The best revenge of all.
Right team?

And for the people who think I am ugly (so funny), I love you.
But you decided to come here you see.
You must like my pretty face.
My toned stomach.
My sinewy sensibilities.
My youthful hairline.
My pins of death.
I'm bringing sexy back.
Not JT.
Its every persons choice to visit my blog.
To look at my ugly face.
Or not.
Its all up to you.

I have zero arrogance.
I have never possessed it.
My friends would never tolerate it from me.
My mother abhors it.
I do not care about looks.
I take very good care of myself though.
The stress takes it toll on me.
It does on anybody.
No worries.
I ALWAYS bounce back better then ever.
People who have been lampooned on this blog do not have their looks to blame.
Its their conscience that needs to be looked at. In the mirror.
Trust me.
Those are emotions you see in my face.
Real ones.
I am alone here.
No fame for me.
Just my shadow and the dogs.
Great company.
My crew.

The comments section of the blog is simply amazing.
So many people are trying to bum me out with their words.
It did work yesterday at one point.
Because I was so tired.
But today, I am krypton.
The sun is shining, and I have some surprises in store this week.

Anyone who thinks this blog is out of heat.
Dream on.
Dream on.
Dream on.
There is still a forest of fire inside me.
Burning slowly.
Taking its time.
Until the winds pick up.
Then, its everyone for themselves.
Only I can extinguish it.
With or without this blog.

My health is at risk.
Not yours DJ.
The ten kilos I've lost is on your head.
But I will get better.
gain it back.
And kick your ass.
Around the proverbial block.

But then again, I could get hit by a jeepny tomorrow (if we had them here, hahahaha).

And by the way, I thought I looked pretty good on my video blog yesterday. Considering the sun has not shone here for two weeks.
I have lost weight, but its already coming back.
Stop telling me I'm ugly.
I know its not true.
My mother only tells me I'm beautiful.
Have you been lying to me all these years?
I didn't think so.
Love you mummy.

This blog is so great.
So many people have so many different opinions.
Brilliant opinions.
And not so brilliant ones.
But I think that is wonderful.
Thank you for being here reading about my life.
Its pretty good eh?

Yesterday just shows how protective we are in regards to our reputations.
I am ferocious about mine.
I worked for many years fine tuning my life.
I have pit bulls at my reputations front gate.
And rightfully so.
They will rip your leg off.
Before you ever get to me.
I have to fight a constant tide of discrediting waves against me, from certain people and forces.
It is making me so strong though.
Tough like shoe leather.
But soft on the inside like a bunny.
I can lift a ton it seems.
But be brought down with a feather.
Ahhh, life.
Ain't it grand?
I know I am truth and will win all of the battles I choose to fight.
I don't pick them with out making certain calculations.
My mother did not raise a coward.
But then again, she didn't teach me about business contracts either.
Hahahaha. Oh, come on. Laugh with me. I'm broke too!
Safety in numbers peeps.
We are heart rich!
And that's what really counts at the end of the day.


I always have.

I can't believe how happy I am today.
I had to get that frustration out yesterday.
And its gone.
It was a tremendous lesson for me.
And the hate also drives me hard.
Keep them coming.
Telling me I'm ugly is funny.
Because I know I'm not. Hehehehe.

Today I am going to feel great.
For some reason today, I just feel awesome.
Nothing seems to bother me this morning.
I am on top of the world.
My world.

Today I soar.
In the clouds.
Looking down on creation.
Every single day I feel stronger for this fight.

I have already told people I may make mistakes.
But that's why I have TEAM BRIAN.
My posse.
Watch my back guys.
There are truly evil forces out there working against us.
Against me.

Loving life and loving love today.
Bless you all and have a wonderful day.

Looks are only skin deep.
True beauty comes from within.
I worry not.
I could care less how I look at the end of the day.
I am a grown man, not a teen aged girl looking for a boyfriend.
Its so funny.

So keep the comments coming in.
I need them. I love them.
The blogs second lung.
A nice balance between my supporters and my detractors.
It has come down to that.
Because the haters keep coming to the blog.
They must like the blog.
Or me.

But I will not be printing any comments written with the intention of disturbing the balance.
Some people are very tricky indeed.
Way too much time on their hands to have to think that hard to discredit my truth.
But they will never succeed.

That's why I sleep like a baby at night.
Because of my truth.

I am not the first person to be extorted from.
And I won't be the last.
I have received so many stories from people who have had the same experience as me.
Many foreigners have written with the same story as mine.
This will be addressed soon.

You do not deserve to have your comment published if you write with the intent to mislead or lie.
Don't forget that truth always prevails.
So DJ doesn't stand a chance against me.
Or his family.
Neither do my haters.

I love my haters.
Not at first.
But I do now.
Because I know they are wasting their time.
Filipinos are way too smart.
We are all learning a lesson from these people.

My haters. They secretly love me too.
They just don't know it yet.

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