22 April 2008

More Wednesday Magic

I wanted to let everyone know, that I will be in my usual guest host spot tomorrow morning on Magic 89.9.
Quest will
still not buckle.
Good for them.
My start time is at 7.30am Manila time.
There is every reason to be excited.
I am also doing some work with GMA which will be great.
I have been waiting and wanting to do something with

On Magic, human rights lawyer
Argee Guevarra will also be on the show with Mojo and Grace.
We will be discussing such things as the
Makati Police Department, as well as the Intercontinental Hotel and its refusal to release important information relating to my case.
MoTwister will be away tomorrow on assignment.

Celine Lopez returns VERY soon to Manila. She was in London last week,
So I will be waiting for her return.

Looking forward to speaking on the radio again.
I hope some of you can tune in.
The show will be posted on the blog in case anyone wants to have a listen.
I wonder if Aurora and DJ will be listening.

I am sitting on some ferocious new information.
I am just processing it now.
Wondering what to do with it.
How to put it out there.


I changed the last picture on the previous post earlier.
I got sick of that huge face staring back at me.
I miss my beautiful dog Siesta.
Although she is very happy in the Philippines, I miss her.
That picture on the blog is my favorite picture of us together.
She was a perfect Golden Retriever.
She had her own pillow.
Many people have been asking me what happened to her.
I could not bring her home to Australia. Our laws are far too strict.
So I wanted you to see her again.
We had a very special bond.
As you can see.

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