22 April 2008

Questions for Our Little Pinoy.... Pressed

I understand that Delfin is
considering, yet another trip back into the wilderness, that is the media.
Wow DJ, even after your last disastrous attempt to clear your badly tarnished name?
I welcome any attempt he makes to pay me back. Because that's the only conversation we should be having now.
Paying me back.
Even monthly payments are better then nothing at all mate.
Its how I sent it to you.
Come clean DJ.
At last mate.

Are you going to redeem yourself before Celine gets home on Friday?
I will be contacting Celine when she is back in Manila.
Celine can fix this whole thing.
With one statement.
One phone call.
Celine can help me.
Help me end this.
As she should have a
LONG time ago.
So we can ALL move on.
Yes, you too Celine.
Its NOT too late for you dear.
You could end up the heroine in this whole thing dear.
Imagine that Celine?
Back on top again?
Where you belong?
But in a completely different way?
A decent way?
Redemption is your only avenue Celine.
Grab the rescue rope that is being thrown to you love.
Its your only chance of survival.
You have swallowed enough stagnant water for DJ.

Please just admit what you have done to me DJ.
Even in private.
I would not tell a soul.
I promise not to blog about it.
Pay me back and we can all move on.
Because as soon as you give me back my money.
I switch the blog off.
I said that from day one.
And I mean it.
It's all up to you and your family.
So until then, I will continue to write.

I am waiting for the disgraced Montano clan to come to their senses.
But apparently, they have none. They may never.
Waiting for DJ to give me my money back is very hard.
70,000 dollars DJ.
Its a lot of money.
Until then, I will continue to do media.
All forms.

They must like it.
The Montanos.
Seeing my face in the papers.
On the television.
And on the radio show.
I can't begin to understand nor comprehend, how this family, has destroyed their already disgraced family name, even further for my 'mere' 70,000 dollars.
Makes one wonder, if in fact, Aurora Montano is actually broke.
I hear her property development has tanked.
And her court case with Uncle Bobby is going BAD BAD BAD.

Uncle Bobby is pure evil.
Like Aurora herself.
So its a
battle royal indeed.
Dear old uncle Bobby won't give DJ any money because he is a cock sucking fagola like yours truly.
Thats the story from the mouth of DJ himself.
DJ's mother is very embarrassed that DJ is a homosexual. So ashamed of him.
Also, words from DJ's mouth.
She pretends he is straight. The whole family does. He does too sometimes. Depends on who he has to be that night.
That's the reason they wont acknowledge me.
It means that they would have to admit, that I have fucked their precious DJ.
And in fact, I have.
He screams like a girl Aurora.
Likes to pull hair as well.
You know dear, choke on it.

That's why, they referred to me as merely a friend, during their interview of lies.

DJ has had sex with everyone on Manila. His orgies at The Peninsula are legendary.
People who have attended them, have written me to tell me all about DJ.
He would control everything with a few others who I also know.
He would charge for each line of cocaine.
1000 pesos per line I'm told.
People would pay him BEFORE they snorted.
He would NOT give you drugs if you could not pay for your line i am told.
But my source told me he would let you suck his cock for a line.
Nasty DJ.
You really are trashy mate.
At the Peninsula?
Do they know you do drugs in their hotel DJ?
How old were the boys at your orgies DJ?
Any fifteen year old boys there DJ?
We'll see about that.
Fucking pervert.
I know everything DJ.
You used your power and connections to get away with this behaviour.
You used the STAR paper.
You used everyone around you.
Especially yours truly.

Can the interviewer ask DJ if this is true please?
Even I am dying to know.
If he traded cocaine for blow jobs.
Too funny.
I know its true.
I just dare someone to ask him.
I dare.

And it is DJ's cocaine addiction that cost him everything at the end of the day.
His many restaurants closed because he snorted all the profits. Not just him though.
His friends went along for the ride too. They all benefited from DJ's string of deception and crime.
And so they too shall pay.
Dj claims to be the head of the of the disgraced Montano family (more like head giver), but he is just a stand in. A fraud. The pretender. A puppet with a hand up his ass. Auroras hand.
Mommy is the boss of DJ.
DJ is nothing but a disgrace to the already disgraced Montano clan.

We all know DJ is poor now.
NO job.
NO car now.
I am told he is taking cabs again. With vouchers?
WHO, is still giving this guy vouchers?
Have you not read this blog?
Everyone knows I had to pay his driver once in Manila.
He would NOT budge the car until we paid him.
This poor guy.
He worked like a slave for DJ.
And DJ treated him like garbage.

And I have been told, that DJ is trying to sell his music collection for five thousand dollars on line.
But to many different people in Asia through his friendster and Facebook accounts.
He always told me he had the best music collection in the Philippines.
Real Dj's would clammer for his tunes I was told.
Now he is actually trying to sell it.
I am told he will upload to your ipod, his entire collection for US5000.
Hey, but if this is how he is raising my money.

And, his sister has kicked him out of her house, I have been told by a relative of DJ's.
They will
all turn on him eventually, because I will never let up on the sisters, Mirvili and Weena.
THEY went on television against me.
So THEY are very fair game indeed.
I think the Montanos are actually poor at the end of the day.
Starving for a collective consciousness that is lacking in their family's refrigerator.
DJ, you should have paid me back long ago.
Now look what you have done.
This blog is really YOUR creation dear.

Please ask DJ these questions ,put to DJ, by the Pinoy Press in a previous article already published in this blog.
And make sure he answers them fully.

1) Were you and Brian Gorrell lovers (as opposed to “friends”)?

2) You said the money Brian sent you was for the “bills.” Brian said he lived on Boracay only for a few months. Even if we assume that the monthly upkeep was 100,000 pesos and let’s assume that Brian spent that amount each month for one year — that’s still short of the nearly 3,000,000 that he claimed he sent you over several months. What happened to the rest of his money? He HAS proven his claims against you now. Unlike before.

3) Did you tell Brian that Marcel Crespo and Celine Lopez had promised to invest in the restaurant that, according to Brian, you and he were going to put up?

4) Did you resign from the Philippine Star or were you fired?

5) Have you ever used your position as a writer of the Philippine Star to gain favors, such as free hotel accommodations, as alleged?

6) Did you use your position in the Philippine Star to send the police to Brian’s hotel room that night that you had a fight and, allegedly, you cleaned out his safety deposit box?

7) What other sources of income did you have in order to support such a lifestyle? Allegedly, your businesses folded up but you were always in Boracay, which can be quite expensive. So if you were not using Brian’s money, as you claim, where were you deriving your income? Does the Philippine Star pay so well so as to afford such a lifestyle?

Korina Sanchez interviewing socialite and alleged scammer DJ Montano. (ANC photograb)

8.) Why would an HIV-positive man, who sold his property in Australia to be with you in the Philippines and who requires expensive medication in order to survive, squander all that money just to live like a king, as you and your stepfather put it? If he did, did it ever occur to you to stop him, knock some sense into him?

9) Is it true that you also owe other people millions and that, as alleged by Brian, you also scammed these people?

10) Is it true that your mother, as reported by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, was involved in the PEA-Amari scam?

11) As a socialite, you live such a public life. You open your life up to the public the moment you allow your name and your picture to appear regularly in the papers. How can you claim privacy now? I mean, if you value privacy, why flaunt your lifestyle?

12) Don’t you think that far from Brian being the one insulting Filipinos, the sins that you allegedly committed have done far worse damage to the image of our country and our people?

13) You claim that Brian is just using his blog to extort money from you. Normally, an extortion act goes like this: the extortionist calls up the, uh, extortionee and demands that if the extortionee doesn’t pay up, he will expose the skeletons in your closet. In his blog, Brian has exposed so much dirt about you that it would make a fertilizer factory extremely happy. Why would he risk his chances of not getting that money from you, if indeed it was extortion?

14) And if indeed it was extortion, why threaten to sue him with libel and defamation, and not extortion or some such related crime?

15) You claim that you came out because you felt the issue had gotten out of hand. Weren’t you concerned that by coming out, you are doing exactly what Brian wanted — lend his story some credibility? Before this, people actually thought this was just a person seeking attention. By coming out now, by confirming essentially Brian’s story, you’ve just added fuel to the fire. Now, the mainstream press — which exerts far more influence than all the blogs put together (contrary to their delusions that they can now change the world) and which had protected your identity for so long — can write about this without NOT mentioning you or bleeping your name. Who advised you to come out?

Good questions indeed. And there are more where they came from.
And you have to answer them Montano.
Like me now. I have to answer everything.
Brutal questions that I have to answer.
Your turn.
This is the balance I was after.
Check mate.

If anyone deserves to live in a shanty, its that bunch.
Shanty del Montano.
Imagine the stench from that shed.
Aurora hand washing DJ's underwear.
Scrubbing out the stains.
Elbow grease Aurora.
Work it like your child worked me.

This time around, I will be watching not only DJ, but who ever interviews him.
I want these questions answered by DJ.
I want these questions asked by the interviewer.
I will freak out if he is not asked about his cocaine addiction.
We tried to get some treatment for him last year.
I was going to pay for him to go to a facility in Arizona.
I was willing to do anything to help him off drugs.
Pay any amount.
He promised me many times that he was off cocaine.
But he never stopped.

He should be forced to answer follow up questions. He should NOT be able to determine what questions he is asked.
When I am interviewed, I just say 'go'.
I will answer anything asked of me.
With truth and honesty.
But he controls everything he does in the media.
And because certain people are so willing and wanting to have him on, they will sideline what is
proper for the scoop. Ignoring the truth. Sacrificing a fair and balanced approach for the 'big get'.

Well DJ, this time you will not be able to hide behind your mothers apron strings.
Tell everyone finally, where my money is.
I have proven that you have it.
That you scammed it from me.
And your sister too.
Your sister said I sent her 100,000 pesos. But it was really
MUCH more then that. SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS Marvili dear.
My hard earned money.
YOU collected it. It was in YOUR name dear.
I will see you in court Mirvili.
Because we are going to sue you as well.
For fraud.
And this of course, I have proven it on my blog with the original Western Union receipts.
There is no way out for you dear sister.
Your screwed.
You all are.
Mirvili, you lied to the nation.
You lie like your little brother.
Give me back my money Mirvili Montano.
You are just a criminal like your brother.
Give me back my money DJ Montano!
Mirvili Montano.

You don't want me to post a picture of your baby Weena.
Suck it Weena, you stupid lemming.
You make me sick. I did nothing to you.
But you opened yourself up to my blogs spotlight.
People are writing to me about both of you girls.
And I am going to tell.
Your brother would feed you to the sharks rather then admit that he did wrong.
VERY wrong.
But you will stand by, and watch as your brother STEALS my money.
Leave me with HIV and no security.
Stole my security.
Its all I had girls.
Burn in hell Weena.
I feel for your baby.
Already, I feel for her.
And you too Mirvili.
Your both guilty, like your brother.
I am NOT finished with neither of you yet.
You will pay for lying on television to all Filipinos.
Trying to damage me and my truth.
Never bitches.

Prepare DJ because I am on the war path with you.
Are you going to follow me to Canada and 'sue' me there too?
You have no hope in hell of ever effecting me.
But I am not going to stop until I have my 70,000 back from you.

Call me DJ.
Lets fix this once and for all.
You must be so tired.
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