03 April 2008


Many people are writing to me wanting to contribute who can't use Paypal.
I understand.
I don't have a credit card either.
So I could not use it myself.

These donation e mails are hard for me to read.
But I read EVERY single one.
I'm just not used to this situation yet.
I've always been completely independent.
But I am humbled.
And I have stopped being so proud.
Its exhausting.
And does not help me.
At all.

I take my mothers advise at every turn.
She supports my blog.
She calls me every morning from Canada.
We talk. We laugh.
I cry. Tears of sadness AND joy.

If you can't use Paypal, no worries.
Just donate money in my name to any charity.
THAT makes me just as proud.


The authorities (?) have removed the The STAR petition from the web.
I have been told that 'certain' people were being threatened.
I want to know who.
Why are there so many threats in Manila?
It makes me fucking crazy.

We can't have petitions anymore?
No more protests?
My heart is so heavy.
I want to come back to the Philippines. I want to come back so much.
And fight for every single person who is maligned or marginalized.
By this system.
I mean really fight.
You know?

Do you think you can fight me and win?
Anyone else?

This blog is going places.
Good people are contacting me from all over the world.
Other people who have a passion for the Philippines.
People who BELIEVE that the heart beat of your country is still very strong and true.
I will NEVER stop fighting.
I am moving forward with this blog.
The Philippines is in my heart.
DEEP in my soul.

My dream is to come back one day.

I will NEVER run.
But I will stay away.
I will fight until I am finished.
Until I am dead.
Just not there.

I am going to be much more creative.
I am going to make a big difference with my life.
Starting now.


Brian Shane Gorrell

I am FURIOUS over this.
I KNEW this would happen.
It's just NOT right.
There are thousands of petitions of the web!
I will get to the bottom of this.

What the fuck!

They were scared because almost 4000 people signed it. That is MANY signatures for only five days.
I have done research and that particular petition had merits.
There are MANY test cases.

I have already contacted my lawyer.
I will start a new one in Australia.


We can write what we want.
We have EVERY right to petition your paper.
People have done it for HUNDREDS of years.


For the person who sent one thousand dollars from America.
I am beside myself with joy.
I have no words.
I need you to contact me.
I have to thank you personally.
Please allow me that honor.
I won't rest until I can thank you.

I just can't believe it.
It's just too much for me to absorb.

I wanted to do my video blog today. But I just did not feel good enough.
I'm hoping for a nice sunny day tomorrow so Lucy, Pickles and I can make a little movie.

Today has been hard.
I am still coming to terms with what has happened to my life.
I am very upset about the petition.
The STAR is pissed at me.

I feel tremendously blessed to have you all in my corner.

I love the photo attached.
I bought these sandstone cherub sconces when I was twelve years old.
They are still with me. I adore them.
They sit out on the farm at the base of this magestic palm tree.
So pretty.

I am working on a special story.

I will also be posting the radio audio tomorrow from the other day.
I thought it was pretty good considering I've never been on the radio before.



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