03 April 2008

Pinoy Press

Now this news organization is one I can get behind.
I love its name for a start.
Pinoy Press.

I was both amused and enlightened by this latest article about the blog.
Taken aback as well. This person has really thought about things.
Thank you writer for caring about this, and ultimately about me and my future.

The approach the writers take at Pinoy Press is very fresh and a bit cheeky.
Modern. They know the issues.
They are unafraid to tackle 'social' issues in a confronting fashion.
And I for one appreciate that.
And I have always seen it as a very balanced place to get your news..

Very grass roots.
Inspiring articles about modern issues.
They have been VERY balanced from day one in their handling of this issue.

I have looked at these suggestions in the article.
I will attack each one on its merit.

I HAVE spell check now.
So many grammar cops out there.
I was starting to feel dumb.

I am NOT a writer.
I will make mistakes. I am alone here.
I have no editor.
It just flows.
Be patient.
I will improve.

I am working on some nice pieces for the blog.

And my first video blog.


7 Things Brian Gorrell Can Do From Now On

In his latest post today, Brian Gorrell said that he received more than $1,600 in donations (via Paypal) yesterday alone. That, to put it mildly, is phenomenal. If he keeps at this — dishing out more juicy stuff on the Gucci Gang and the uber-pretentious Philippine high society, stuff that his thousands of daily readers love — he should be able to recover the $70,000 that he claimed his ex-Filipino lover stole from.

And once that happens, what’s next for Gorrell? Here are some suggestions. (Mind you, Brian, I recognize that your blog is your blog but as you yourself had admitted, it has grown way beyond you.)

1) He should remove the PayPal button once the donations hit $70,000.

2) He should tidy up his blog. Put the ads in their proper, less obtrusive places, for one.

3) He should learn to proofread his posts. The misspellings — and there are gazillions of them — can be quite off-putting.

4) Since I don’t think his ex-lover will ever pay him back, he can continue writing about him but he should expand the coverage of his blog. He can, for instance, write more about high society in general. Expose the pretentiousness and all that. He should use his compelling writing style to reveal the innards of this underworld.

5) He can consider using his blog to help spread HIV awareness in the Philippines. His status as an HIV positive gay man can be a gift for Filipinos who can be quite ignorant about HIV and how it is spread.

6) He can come back to the Philippines (don’t worry, Brian, I don’t think those idiots would dare harm you now) and take stock of his celebrity status. I’m sure he will have a career here. He can continue writing his blog, he can write books, he can even write a column for the Inquirer, seeing how he despises those society columnists and the stuff they write about.

7) He can use his celebrity status as a tool to reform the country’s libel laws (for one, decriminalizing it) and make it suitable for the digital age.

Readers, if you have ideas on what Gorrell can or should do from now on, let us know about it.
(CC Hidalgo/pinoypress.net)
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