03 April 2008

Tough Questions Indeed

DJ Montano told me that JT allegedly died from a drug overdose.
A massive one supposedly.
JT was NOT alone when he died.
How could it be suicide?

Respect his death?
Are you kidding me with this shit?
I don't have any repect for the whole way it was treated.
And thousands and thousands of others don't either.
Manila style.

Celine, DJ and other members of the GG.. and his 'friends',
should take a LONG HARD look at themselves.

And these other people who are trying to convince themselves that my blog is about to implode.
Fat chance.
Try another tactic.
Some friends you are.
Typical though.
There are so many fables going around Manila.
And yes, this topic makes certain people very jumpy.

I understand that. But be realistic.

I understand that Joel was a friend to many. Its a sensitive subject.
But I also know what I was told.
Celine knows the truth.
DJ knows the truth.
Many do.
Of course.
Whose drugs were they?
Who gave him the alleged drugs?
HOW MUCH did he have in his system?

I have seen and heard certain GG members milk Joel's death for their own glorification.
Many times. All claiming to be his 'best' friend.
I have seen and heard too much to believe anything that comes from the mouths of these people.
The rumour mill exsists because of their big mouths.
No other reason.
THEY have kept the issue alive.
They are the ones who could not keep their stories straight.

Same old story.

They all benefited from his passing in some way.
Their articles were written. Celine's was just disgusting.
One of the worst ever.
Self serving garbage.
Give me a break.
Joel's unfortunate and tragic death is not only about how he passed.
Its about many more things.

It's about WHY he died.

His support?

Two of Joel's 'real' friends have contacted me this afternoon.
As well as a family member.
He had many of both who cared for him deeply.
One in particular, wants me to stay firm.
She is more interested in who made the decisions regarding the information released, eleven days after his death.
Why did it take so very long to come out?
And why where there so many holes in the official story?

Fare questions I reckon.

And another wants me to drop this from my blog completly.
I understand his point as well.
But he also understands mine and supports me fully.
This person is a family member who does NOT agree with how this was handled.
I have the e mails from these people.
I know who they are.
They would NOT lie.

Please don't shoot the messenger on this one.
I have recieved OVER four hundred e mails about this issue.
It DESERVES some attention.
It has never rested.
And it never will.
Because where there is smoke, there is fire.
And people don't trust the official story.
Does anyone blame them?
I mean, come on.

I have had intimate conversations with his friends. About eight so far.

I'm sorry that 'certain' people want this swept under the carpet.
YOU are the ones who are NOT respecting the mans legacy.

His ''real' friends.?
They want this investigation re opened.

Talk to them.

They have every right.

We all have the right to know what happens in Manila when these 'things' happen.
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