11 April 2008

Round Two

I am just shattered.
I have just watched the entire interview.
And DJ's print interview.
The whole thing is yet another scam from the Montano clan.
Just devastated at the lies.
I just don't understand how he could deny everything.
I don't understand how the entire family can deny the scam/ theft.

To see his mother.
Say those things.
I hurt so deeply.
She found a way to brag about how much money they have.
She was bragging.
Rubbing salt into my wounds.

His step-father.
This man said I lived like a king.
I just could not believe that.
His step son was the one living like the king..... with other peoples money.
Long before I met him.
My friends on Boracay will confirm that I lived like anything but a king.

DJ's parents need to clean up their own 'sullied pasts' and leave their grown up son to slop up his own mess.
Don't forget dear Mama and Papa, that many people think you are responsible for the murder of DJ's father.
Members of your very own family.
So suck on that Aurora.

They are forgetting one thing.
It was ALL my money.
Boracay money was mine.
Manila money was mine.
It was all mine.
And he took it all.

You are a thief DJ. Everyone knows it.

AND you WERE FIRED from your Enderun College position because I spoke to faculty there.
Another lie.
They told me the have severed ALL connections with you.
You are no longer working there.
And you never will again.
Because of what you are.
Who you are.
A thief.

Same with The STAR.
You are a fraud. They know that now.
Why would they have you work for them?
You have a ghost writer DJ.
You suck like your mother DJ.
Is that not how she got the Benj?

People know now DJ.
You can't hide from my truth.
You have been terminated not because of this blog dear.
But because people have always known deep down that you are a fake.
You have no style. No class. No dignity. And absolutely NO conscience at all.

That is something Montano, that you will NEVER be able to steal.
Or buy.

Go on as many television shows as you want DJ. Bring as many members of your family.
It bothers me not. Start a blog you pale faced turd.
For I know everything about you and your corrupt family.
Your hands are FILTHY.

Its neither of your parents business, how I lived on Boracay or anywhere else for that matter.
They never saw my life.
How can they possibly comment.
From what their thieving /chronic liar son told them.
It was all my money you dumb half assed enablers.
None of yours DJ.
They should only worry about where you get your money from dear.
Every cent.
And you took... every cent.
I did not steal it like you have.

I lived a normal life on Boracay, with my friends and dog.
It wasn't with a nose packed full of cocaine, that's for darn sure.
Fuck your evil grubby thieving murderous family.
Not a single person believes your fantasy story.
You are a laughing stock and will be forever more DJ.
And you owe this all to yourself.

You have HUMILIATED your family.
I'm sure your anscestors will be pleased about that.
Spanish. Hahahaha.
Your a disaster DJ.
A mess.
A mess with my money.

His sister.
How can she defend the indefensible?
You are an accessory to the crime dear.
You are a thief like your brother.
And when your daughter grows up, she will see you on my blog.
Your whole family.

Because your brother stole my money.
Tricked me.
Tricked you too dear.
He used you like he used me.
Your name is on the receipts from Western Union.
You helped your brother steal my live savings.
You must feel really proud.
Look into your baby's eye's and pray she turns out different then her uncle.
I doubt it though.
Its in your blood to be corrupt.
Hang your head in shame.
All of you.

How can his family watch him snatch my financial security away from me?
How many time must I be punished for falling in love?

With her son?
Her brother?
His step son?

He will never pay me.
I will never get my money from him.
Its quite clear that he will get away with this.
He is going to walk away with everything.

Because DJ will not file a case here.
He is bluffing.

His interview is smoke and mirrors.

Toxic smoke and trick mirrors

I am so upset that he accused me of being rude to the people of your country.
No one loves the Philippines more then me.
I have nothing but love and respect for you all.

I need to sleep. Its been a huge day.

I have more media tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to re butting every single one of DJ's ridiculous denials.

But now, I am tired.

Good night and God Bless
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