12 April 2008

I'm On The Offensive....... NOT Defensive

Let me make one thing perfectly clear to everyone.

I have no money.
So If DJ actually has the balls to come to the Australian courts,
what would he and his family ever get from me?
The system here is much different DJ.
I have to warn you.
No one here gives a shit about the Montano name.
No one dear.
Not a soul.

What are you after DJ?
YOU ALREADY TOOK MY life savings.
You are all praying that I will go away.
Maybe even die. Right Deej?
You hoped you could turn the tide of public opinion against me.
But its far too late for that DJ.
I am good.
You are bad.
I have spent almost two months on this blog.
It's my job now.
Full time job.
You should try getting one of those mate.
Honest work, would do you a world of good.


I want you in jail DJ.
I am in talks with the BIR.
I am going to get you eventually.
Mark my words.
I will find a way.
You should have paid me long ago. Before all this started.
But you decided to play rough with me DJ.
And look where it got you and your family.
Just look now.
I have nothing to lose.
Because you took it all.
And bolted.

It will cost you a MILLION dollars to come here.
Maybe more.
Don't forget DJ, I will get legal aid.
I am considered terminally ill.
And I will sick so much press on to you and your 'barrister'..
You stole the money of an HIV sufferer.
I am automatically afforded legal representation.
And my lawyer's will destroy you.
They are already lining up to volunteer.
You pay.
I don't.
Sounds great to me.

I left Australia because i fell deeply in love with DJ. And he was supposed to be deeply in love with me.
I also wanted to have a year off the farm to relax near water and learn yoga.
Boracay was cost effective for me, as I only had a certain amount of money left after I gave it all to DJ for our two business's.
For anyone to suggest that I am anything other then simple would be lying.
And I am ok with that.
I like me very much.

My farm in Australia is PARADISE. I did not have to go to Boracay for that.
Trust me.
I am not dazzled by either Boracay or Manila society.
Give me a break. I am almost forty years old.
I have seen it all before.
Literally been there, done that.
Nothing new Benj baby.
I left Australia for the Philippines because DJ and I were in love.
He e mailed many times a day for six months.
Usually about money.
Your step son is a scammer.
Welcome to the family.

He would only skype though.
Cheap prick.
Cheap scammer.
I sent him all this money and he would insist on skype.
Some boyfriend you turned out to be mate.

I am NOT the first person who has been ripped off by DJ Montano.
We all know that.
There is a long list.
ALL of his restaurants have failed. You lose it all. But he does not. he still has a driver. Still snorts tons of drugs.

But most of it was really skimmed off the top to afford DJ is opulent existence.
He has taken the money from many others and squandered it on his lavish lifestyle over the years.
They are all coming out of the woodwork you clever little grifter.
He has watched people he owes money to suffer with illness, and he still refused to settle his debts.
He will let them pass on with out paying them or the family.
You will go to hell DJ for your evil deeds.

More hellish then this blog.

DJ owes money everywhere.
He can't go to Bora anymore because he owes almost a million pesos to resorts and restos.
Now that he has been fired from The STAR, he will actually have to PAY to stay on the island.
So he will NEVER be seen there again.

He also owes a ton of money for cocaine.
I know a dealer guy that DJ owes 100,000 peso's.
Although the guy has reformed, he still wants the money back from DJ and Celine.
Its the principle.

Right Aurora?
You are going to hell Aurora. With your family.
DJ's life on Boracay before me was a scam.

It's all a scam. He eats (never happened with me but I have been told by many), and does not pay. He tells people The STAR will pay later. Or he will promise a HUGE event to be booked there, if he can 'check out the hotel' for a few days to 'vet it' for his posh guests. SCAM!

Its all a scam. He wakes up every morning wondering how he will get his money that day.

DJ is the one keeping up with the 'society' Benj baby. Not I.
So kiss my brown eye fuck wit.

I have always had a very simple life.
I worked very hard.
And he came along and stole it.
I was born in a poor family and was raised lower to middle class.
I am VERY proud of my native heritage.
My grandmother is half Native Canadian.
We are VERY simple people.
I do not apologise for that.

DJ told Korina that his friends are texting him and sending messages.
Well Montano, the same friends are also texting me. In fact I have quite a few of your text messages sent from them.
They have all turned on you DJ.
No one wants to be friends with a bandit.

Nice friends DJ.
You have no REAL friends mate.
You are a criminal.
You have a devious mind.
A criminal mind.
Like your father. And your uncle Bobby.
The entire Montano clan.

I hate society. I always have.
I have never been a part of Manila life.
DJ kept me far away from Manila.
I went to Embassy once the day after I arrived.
His Inquirer article printed today is simply rubbish.
He is just making it up as he goes.
He has had so much time the get a story together.
And he failed.
Because he only lies.
One of his first 'long term' boyfriends told me he was born corrupt.
It's just 'in his family' I was told by many people.

But we all know now that I have proved that DJ's mother is corrupt.
His entire family is.
Benj baby, what did you get yourself mixed up with that clan of peasants for?
You are being used.
DJ is using you all to clean up his 'grown up' mess.
Fuck off and leave him alone, to fix his own disasters.


I have to fight here alone like a man.
So should he.
But he is not a man.
But I am.
Hence this blog.
My weapon of choice.
Like his deception.

STOP enabling his criminal behaviour Aurora.
You raised him Aurora.
You have to own him I suppose.
So sad for you dear.
All those stretch marks for what?
A waste of nine months.
I know you are secretly ashamed of your man-child.
How could you not be?
You are a shamed mother.
Defending the indefensible.
Hang your head.
Shame on you Aurora.
Bad mommy.

He does nothing but lie.
Your son.
Like you. And the other members of your family.
Lies, lies, lies dearest.
He can't exactly tell his family now can he, that he scammed me all along?
I mean he has been lying to EVERYONE.
Lying to his mama.
Lying to Korina and Mo.
DJ lies like a cheap rug.

Your Inquirer interview was just bullshit DJ.
Your making the whole thing up.

You will never recover from this mate.
My blog will NEVER close.
Until you PAY UP!

See you in court you big fraud.I am waitng for you big shot.
Mixed race my ass.
You are ashamed to be from the Philippines.
You are a disgrace to all of the people of the Philippines.
No wonder why you were hidden away for so long.
Like Saddam in his bunker.
Guttless and afraid.

People should hiss at you on the street.
Boo you everywhere.

Yell out for you to "PAY UP MONTANO!"

Pay UP!
You will hear that forever DJ.

I would like to take this space and time to thank Kitty Go and Constance Brooke Pendleton.
I love you Kitty. I can't wait for your third book to come out. Thank you for today. You inspired me.
Please mail me a copy of your book when it's completed!!!!!
And Constance, you sexy bitch. You know why I love you. Big kiss.


More Good Stuff From The Pinoy Press's list of questions for DJ Montano

1) Were you and Brian Gorrell lovers (as opposed to “friends”)?

2) You said the money Brian sent you was for the “bills.” Brian said he lived on Boracay only for a few months. Even if we assume that the monthly upkeep was 100,000 pesos and let’s assume that Brian spent that amount each month for one year — that’s still short of the nearly 3,000,000 that he claimed he sent you over several months. What happened to the rest of the money?

3) Did you tell Brian that Marcel Crespo and Celine Lopez had promised to invest in the restaurant that, according to Brian, you and he were going to put up?

4) Did you resign from the Philippine Star or were you fired?

5) Have you ever used your position as a writer of the Philippine Star to gain favors, such as free hotel accommodations, as alleged?

6) Did you use your position in the Philippine Star to send the police to Brian’s hotel room that night that you had a fight and, allegedly, you cleaned out his safety deposit box?

7) What other sources of income did you have in order to support such a lifestyle? Allegedly, your businesses folded up but you were always in Boracay, which can be quite expensive. So if you were not using Brian’s money, as you claim, where were you deriving your income? Does the Philippine Star pay so well so as to afford such a lifestyle?

Korina Sanchez interviewing socialite and alleged scummier DJ Montano. (ANC photograph)
8.) Why would an HIV-positive man, who sold his property in Australia to be with you in the Philippines and who requires expensive medication in order to survive, squander all that money just to live like a king, as you and your stepfather put it? If he did, did it ever occur to you to stop him, knock some sense into him?

9) Is it true that you also owe other people money and that, as alleged by Brian, you also scammed these people?

10) Is it true that your mother, as reported by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, was involved in the PEA-Amari scam?

11) As a socialite, you live such a public life. You open your life up to the public the moment you allow your name and your picture to appear regularly in the papers. How can you claim privacy now? I mean, if you value privacy, why flaunt your lifestyle?

12) Don’t you think that far from Brian being the one insulting Filipinos, the sins that you allegedly committed have done far worse damage to the image of our country and our people?

13) You claim that Brian is just using his blog to extort money from you. Normally, an extortion act goes like this: the extortionist calls up the, uh, extortionee and demands that if the extortionee doesn’t pay up, he will expose the skeletons in your closet. In his blog, Brian has exposed so much dirt about you that it would make a fertilizer factory extremely happy. Why would he risk his chances of not getting that money from you, if indeed it was extortion?

14) And if indeed it was extortion, why threaten to sue him with libel and defamation, and not extortion or some such related crime?

15) You claim that you came out because you felt the issue had gotten out of hand. Weren’t you concerned that by coming out, you are doing exactly what Brian wanted — lend his story some credibility? Before this, people actually thought this was just a person seeking attention. By coming out now, by confirming essentially Brian’s story, you’ve just added fuel to the fire. Now, the mainstream press — which exerts far more influence than all the blogs put together (contrary to their delusions that they can now change the world) and which had protected your identity for so long — can write about this without NOT mentioning you or bleeping your name. Who advised you to come out? (pinoypress.net)
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