27 April 2008


Well, how can I put this delicately.
Tim Yap is freaking out.
The guy has gone completely BONKERS.
He and his sister's husband are running around town doing an 'Aurora', threatening everyone and anyone.
They are demanding that I be taken OFF the radio program on Wednesday's at 7 30am Manila time.

He is not only terrorizing Magic 89.9, but the staff there as well.
And they are pissed!
He is going to sue them with libel, when the blog dies down.
And when would that be Tiny?
When DJ Montano sues me?
Dream on Yap.
Dream on.
I'm not closing down this blog.
In fact, the blog is going to get bigger and even better very soon.
So stay tuned Tiny.
I'm not through with you yet!

Through Tiny's sister's connections, Tim Yap has already threatened to sue Magic 89.9, and MoTwister directly!

I have been told by my favorite 'deep throat', that this time, the stations management has been rattled. Not to the bones, but rattled nonetheless.
We all know Tiny's sister is married to a Yang, who in turn owns every Big Mac in the Philippines, until one of you, buys it for consumption.
And it was Tiny's sister's husband who made the 'very' threatening call to Quest, Magic 89.9 and MoTwister himself, I am told.

This is a HUGE power play on Tiny's part.
And I am impressed. He has pulled out the big gun.
Would be a first for you right Tim?
Nothing big about your gun dear.

But Tim, you are only bluffing like your BFF, DJ Montano.
You have been bluffing everyone for so many years.
You believe your own bluff.
Bluff off mate!

Tim dear.
Why don't you just do an interview?
You LOVE the spotlight.
Well, here is your chance.
Defend yourself mate.
You pussy whipped coke head.
Just come clean about your shocking cocaine addiction.
Come clean about the GG and say sorry for your previous Inquirer and STAR articles posted on my blog.
They are shameful bits of nothingness.
You should be ashamed for writing most of them.
You have ridiculed, all poor Filipinos in them, not I!

You and poor Celine should go back and read the bullshit that you have put out there, over the years, for filipino consumption.
You both should be fired.
You're both nothing but druggies with cash and way too much time on your hands.
You only talk about yourselves and money in your articles.
You both need to do, a LOT of charity.
Go away for a very long time.

Go sell your dumb watches on Boracay beach Tiny.
Honest work for a dishonest man.
Cornering Grace for a chat was mean.
I am hoping for a picture of the incident.
I will print it.

I have been told by Deep Throat, that the station wants Tim to file a claim against them now. Instead of threatening the staff of the station personally in public places.
That would be front page news in Philly.
You would all love it!
So would I.
I am only too happy to encourage Tiny Tim to file a case against Quest.
Take some heat off of me for a while.
Anything Tim says would be great!
People want to hear from him.
They want to know when he came out of the closet.
And why he has denied his sexuality for ten years. Publicly.
Some role model you are Tim.
A drugged out self hater.
His latest article in the STAR is so bad. Its sad the STAR won't let another person take over from him. Someone new deserves a chance.
He really does not deserve his job.
Anyone could do his current job description.
Any sell out that is.

This would be great for Magic 89.9 too, because they have the money needed to fight this pathetic whiny little fluff ball.
And finally test the rules in broadcasting which includes freedom of speech.
Times have changed GG.
You can't control the media like you once did.
No more control for the Lopez clan.
Or the Montano clan.
Or ANY clan for that matter.
Lets dish!

Tim was one of the FIRST people to comment on my blog.
He put himself out there for so many years as well.
He could not resist saying something about me.
Anything for exposure.
Selling his soul again for media and attention.
Well, now its time for Tiny to stand up and be a man for once in his life.
Grow a cock Tim.
For goodness sakes.

Stop threatening to sue, and JUST SUE Tim!
Manila is bored with you.
And quite frankly, I don't blame them.
Because its the same cast of characters, terrorizing your populations senses, over and over!
What we need, is a few lawsuits flying.
Right Tim?

Sue ME Tim!
Why pick on journalism and broadcasting, which is supposed to be YOUR industry?

But ONLY when you can manipulate it, and use it for your own advantage and profit.
Right Yap?
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you buddy.
You but ripped it off, at the wrist mate.

Have you not been a media whore for YEARS Tim? Falling at the doorstep of these many mediums?
You have behaved like a dime store hooker for half your life now.
Blow for blow mate.
You win, hands down.
Usually down someone else's pants.

Poor Grace though.
Another of my many informants told me that Grace was in a very public drama on the weekend. With Tim Yap. At Embassy Club (aka Club Coke).
Tim embarrassed himself in front of dozens of people reading Grace the riot act, for nearly a HOUR. He is going to sue.
He claims to have only met me and DJ once.
That is such a HUGE lie.
Mega lie!
Too late too!

He told Grace (apparantly, but also proven) that, "With the Empire I have built, I meet sooo many foreigners". But, do you give them all blow jobs Tim?
Like you always wanted to give me one?
To get EVEN with DJ.
Right Yap?
Because he fucked your boyfriend last year at the Peninsula, when you were in HK?
Apparently, he told Grace as well, that he intends to sue MoTwister personally for having me on air.
Clean out your brain Tim.
He was red and blue in the face from what my sources witnessed.
I understand the altercation was mentioned on another radio station this morning as well.
Tim, have some dignity man!
Go somewhere private if you want to scream at a lady like Grace.

More then twenty people have e mailed me to confirm this altercation took place at Embassy.
And they have also confirmed that it has been on the radio.
Tiny and Grace.
Battle of the sexes.

I love Grace and she did NOT deserve to be attacked by Tim on the weekend.
I understand she was embarrassed.
She was a guest in his drug den club.
He should have been more like a gentleman.
Stick to hawking drugs at night Tim, and leave the ladies alone.
God made you gay for a reason fudge packer.
Grace, WHAT were doing there in the first place dear?
I will ask you on Wednesday morning dear.

Even more sources have told me that Tim Yap was seen screaming at Grace in a corner at Embassy on Saturday night.
Brave of Grace to go there I thought.
You go Grace!

Tim, leave Grace alone.
She is fantastic at what she does.
Stop picking on girls.
Behave man.
You acted like a spoilt brat,when you were seen running around town humiliating yourself with the help of the Big Mac clan.

Get a life Tim.
And a media manager.

Also spotted on Boracay this weekend was Celine's douche bag 'non starter' brother, the mini Albertito. And I mean MINI!
This guy is a complete moron with a tiny penis.
He terrorizes people.
Confirmed by hundreds, including his very own sister.
He screams at people in the hotel where he stays.
He tells EVERYONE who he is.
He is a real pig to staff, wherever he goes on Boracay.
His three bodyguards look ridiculous.
Are they protecting the cocaine in your pocket Tito?

He probably does them all when the lights go out at night.
When its dark again.
Darkness with his body guards.
Right Tito?
This creep is as pompous as DJ Montano.
But, with actual money of course!
I personally think he is a bi sexual.

NOT that its any of my business.
Why do I say this about him?
Because too many guys have written, to tell me, that they have sucked him off in clubs.
That's why.
He is a horrible homophobic creature who is on record, threatening the lives of other gays in public. And he may be one himself.

ALSO seen by my peeps on the island, (thanks everyone for the great tips), was none other then the tax evader himself Marcel Crespo and his pussy posse.

I hear that Mojo from 89.9 was dining at Gasthof, (hands down, the BEST ribs on Boracay Island everyone!) with a very attractive mate. Gasthof is beside HEY Jude Bar and Restaurant, (BRILLIANT BAR).
Bless HEY Jude Bar. I feel like I grew up there now.
I own a table and four chairs there.

My spy told me that BOTH the men consumed a FULL order of Gasthof's world famous baby back ribs. Is this true Mojo? I thought you were on a diet?

I know they are famous ribs, because I ate there once a week when I lived on Boracay.
Maybe twice.
Grilled prawns and sticky gorgeous ribs and rice. And two beers of course.
The food there, just sends you straight to Mars.

So Marcel Crespo walks up to the Mojo and shakes his hand!
Just out of the blue!
"I'm Marcel Crespo", he said.
Well, I here Mojo was shocked because as Marcel Crespo walked away, Mojo was heard to say to others around him,"I have NO IDEA who that was".
Sooo funny.
Ahhh. I needed to laugh.
Thanks deep throat.
You rock!

Only then, did someone tell Mojo who the guy was.
I hear that Mojo was stunned ,when he was told it was Marcel Crespo.
Gosh, I wish I could have see that.

I am shocked at Marcel.
After all, he dated Celine.
Stunned I tell you. That anyone would date her.
Marcel, people don't care about who you are anymore.
Your not with the beard anymore dear.
Stick to the beach on Boracay babe.
You are a mortal again.
Remember that.

We must all remember these things.

Tim was the first person to come out against me, and by him responding to my blog , makes him fare game indeed.
The media works both ways Tim.
There is always a flip side.
Tim has always wanted to be a celebrity, thus making him again, an easy subject to profile.

Out of the three DJ's at Magic 89.9, MoTwister is the one, who knows the least about this entire situation between DJ and myself.
He knows what he has to know, and the other two (Mojo and G) pick up all the bits and pieces.
And together the three of them have done a brilliant job at handling this sensitive issue.
I think Tim Yap will think twice about suing MoTwister.
Career killer for you Tim.
Worse then me mate.

After all, Mo Twister, from what I can gather, not only has vast radio appeal and interests,
but he also has two television shows currently in production and 'on air', (and another in production I am told). His shows always rate high in Manila because they often tackle serious issues in the community. And of course, some fun too!
He has so many big fans that write to my blog.
People really love this guy.
REAL fans.
I know that MoTwister has much influence in the broadsheet and magazine worlds as well.
HONEST influence.
Two broadsheets and three magazines are proud to have his influence and contribution.
So good luck suing MoTwister Tim.
You will really need it mate.


I will be back on the radio on Wednesday morning at my normal time.
7:30 am Manila time peeps.

Loving and living life today.
To its fullest.


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