27 April 2008

TEAM BRIAN? Happy Monday

I don't have the strength this morning to look at the comments yet.
Maybe after some lunch, and some sunshine.
Yesterday was a killer.
I have to moderate todays hate.
But hey, it's Monday.
A new week.
Something good is bound to happen.

Thank you reader for sending this picture to me this morning.
I really needed to see it, first thing.
Reminds me what is special in life.

Thank you as well readers for the beautiful messages of love and support.

Let not forget why I started this blog.
And lets all remember that there are many things we still need to discuss.
And I hope we can discuss them on my blog.
Our blog.
Who ever may want to be a part of it.

I need to think about beautiful things today.
Like a new special puppy.
Or a tiny kitten.
Or a chubby little baby.
My mom.

Enjoy your Monday
TEAM BRIAN and all readers.

I am working on a special Tim Yap entry for this afternoon.
Who said I was finished with the GG?
I've only just started.
Prepare Tim.

Sunshine, here I come.

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