27 April 2008

Have a GREAT Monday.

I do LOVE the Philippines VERY much.

And I love the people like crazy.
They know that. I know that. We all know that.
I have already displayed that many, many times in this blog.
Its a fact. 
So lets not try to twist things and make me out to be the bad guy.
It won't work.
I was not in that hospital room that day.

Everyone knows how I feel about the Philippines.
I will not defend myself here. 
I don't have to.
Maybe I love it too much.
Go ahead haters, and shoot the messenger.
I'm already riddles with your bullet holes.
Swiss cheese really.

I love the Philippines and its people. 
And that you can take to the bank.
This controversy will not de rail my emotions for my fifth favorite country on earth.
But its amazing, how quickly some of you turn  on me, when you don't like what you read.
Wow, fickle man.
Some threaten never to come back, but I see you do.
Again and again.

I am sorry that so many people are upset that I have started to write about other things.
To the TEAM BRIAN leader who handed in her badge.
You were self appointed dear.
Self appointed.
You were never a real leader dear.
Because you deserted the team when the road got bumpy.
I don't want you in my fox hole dear.
Bye bye.

I can't understand why some people think I have changed.
How can a person change over night?
Not true at all. 
I am the exact same person everyone loved last week.
I'm just not trashing society in these posts.
Some are acting like I have tricked them or something devious.

I'm trying to expand my blog. And you don't want me to.
Many people want me to stick to the topics that they want to read about.
Well life is not like that.
You have to take the good, the bad, and the ugly.
This blog has never been a popularity exercise for me.
Some are saying my 'true' colors are coming out.
I have been real from the first second I started writing on my blog.
I have not changed a bit.
To claim that I have is nonsense.
And a diversionary tactic.
And I won't change in the face of this hysterical adversity.
Some just don't like my current message.
But I would never buckle under this pressure.
I am only expanding my blog.
And last time I checked, it was ok and legal to do that.

Me famous? Maybe to some people.
Not to me.
I wish people would stop labeling me as famous.
I am only famous to you.
I am just me.

I live here alone with my dogs on the farm.
NO one knows me.
I have a very private life.
And free.

People are threatening to tear me down.
Tear away.

I have to deal with tons of rubbish every day from people who hate me.
Why are some people being so absurd about this issue?
Completely absurd. Watch the video for goodness sakes.
I am surprised at the level of craziness in the comments section.
Pure evil from some people. No lives. Lost souls really.

I won't print threats to my life.
Or death threats to my animals. Why do people threaten to kill my dogs?
That is BIZARRE.
And I won't be posting any dumb ass links, because I know what is going on out there.
And it won't work.
Find another way to get visitors to your hate sites about me.
Threatening my life is old hat now.
Its been happening to me for months.
But everyone who hates me keeps sniffing around the blog.
Tick tock. Tick tock.

And one more thing.
When I write my posts, I am not talking to each person as an individual.
I am just writing my feelings and emotions.
If people take what I say personally, well I can't do anything about that.
That is your issue.
Not mine.
How can you possibly expect me to be liked by everyone?
Some people hate me just because I am a fag.

If some of my supporters flake on me so quickly, well they were never really supporters were they?
People act like I am writing the posts JUST FOR THEM.
The post is an open message to be interpreted by many.
Its what a blog is.
I'm sorry that so many people think, I should not discuss this particular topic.
But, I think that's crazy. 
It's been reported on television.
On the radio.
In the newspaper.
Is it because I am a white guy?
A gay guy?
Why can't I talk about this scandal.
What is it really?
Tell me please.

I apologize to those people who I have upset by expressing my point of view.
It was never my intention to hurt any one individual person with my last two posts.
But many will turn on me for other reasons anyways.
So its always a lose- lose for me.

Other bloggers have explained it to me already.
I'm not the first blogger to piss off some of his readership.
And I won't be the last.
I always know I will have people, who believe in me and my blog.
I tend to focus on them now, because I will never please my haters.
I have always been prepared for the day when some people would bolt.
Its normal.
I'm OK with it.
But I just don't understand why the haters keep hanging around the blog.
They are obsessed.
Get some rest guys.

I'm about to.

More tomorrow  TEAM BRIAN (whoever is left) and all bloggers.
Bright and early!


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