27 April 2008

WOW, Welcome to the Real World.

I was really shocked at the comments regarding the incident in Cebu.

I have already explained before, that many people will not like my blog.
And that's OK with me.
This blog is not just about DJ Montano and Celine Lopez.
Or the GG and their antics.
This blog is about what ever I want to put out there for discussion.
So just please stay away, if you are not happy with its content.

I will not apologize for anything on my blog.
People may flee my blog in droves over this.
And that's OK with me.
See you later.
What can I do?
You only want certain things from me.
To feed certain parts of you.
And that is not something that could ever, last forever.
So leave my blog, and pick up a book.
And breath.

But you will be back I think?
Because deep down, you know that I am right about this post.
Its a big chain reaction.
I will not budge.
Its homophobia and many, many other things.
And you all know that.
As a gay man, I have EVERY right to speak up, when I see my fellow gay brother being abused and humiliated by health care professionals.
I mean, get real please.
Welcome to the new world.
Cyber world.

And as for the people in the medical profession who are freaking out now because of this post.
All I can say is, it's your profession. You all work in it.
Are you proud that this horrific incident occurred?
Are you too, going to blame the victim, like your clergy have?
I thought so.

Which is hilarious to me, because I reckon about 50% of priests are gay.
Maybe more.
Maybe more like 70%.
They are the LAST ones who should EVER comment on this horrible event.
For reasons, only they know.
Right Father?

Fix this please medical profession. Is this the first time this has happened.
I highy doubt it.
The people involved should never be able to work in your profession again.
Because TEN people were in that room.

Enough said.

Some people who visit this blog seem to think I am all about numbers and visitors.
That I am greedy for fame and money.
That's crazy.
I know who I am, and I am very proud of the blog.
Proud of who I am.

You are so wrong, if you think I care about numbers, as I never expected such interest at the beginning.
I would be happy with one thousand true supporters, rather then a million others, who are on the fence.
NOT sceptical Flip flopper's.
I will not do battle with the dichotomy of the Philippines.
That's your job.
I started this blog to get my saving back from DJ.
But it has evolved obviously.

Its too big a task, for me to be everything to everybody.
And for those people who believe I think Australia is perfect.
Wrong again.
So wrong.
I have fought for nearly twenty years in my country for what is right.
I have protested for and against MANY things in Australia such as,

Child Overboard Scandal.
Stolen Generation Scandal.
Gay Rights Being Repealed.
Woman's Human Reproductive Rights.
Aboriginal Health and the huge lack of it in regional area.
Beach Watch for Whale Preservation.
Petrol Sniffing and Child Abuse.

I have contributed to many debates in my country over the years.
And against what is wrong.
As I have done wherever I live.
I am a global citizen.
And I am a very proud Australian.
And Canadian.

Every country has many problems.
But some of you don't think what occurred in Cebu is actually a problem.
Now, THAT is a problem in its self.
A HUGE one.

Because its homophobia, through and through.
Hate to the bone, for this poor mans predicament.
I can't stress enough my dedication to this blog and to certain issues like this one.
This debate had to happen.
And I am sorry that so many of you will not visit the blog again.
But you can not, nor will you ever, edit my blog or its content.
I will write what I want.
And post it.

And many of you don't want this particular dirty business out there for world consumption.
But you are the same people who will watch a be-heading on youtube.
I mean, get real.

And that is too bloody bad!
Because I HAVE read the reports on this incident.
And certain people are trying to make it go away.
So save your grief, and evil comments for someone else who actually deserves it.
I am trying to do something good here.
And many will not agree.
But many more do.
Any human being in the world, has the right to comment on any event on the world.
Imagine if no outsiders complained about human rights in China?

Or Darfur?
Or the Balkans?
Or the Middle East?
Or Russia?
Or Australia?
Or Canada?

If no one cared about the whales, they would all be dead by now.
If no one speaks up, we are all to blame.
Or what about our nature?
Do you want no one, to care about your beautiful country?

Many people are against outsiders, meddling in Philippines affairs.
Well, you should be happy that I care enough to even bother.
Because more outsiders have to care about the Philippines.
In order for it to ever change.
We all live on the same planet.
And your country can not escape any longer, from this new cyber reality.
Just like DJ can't.

Check and balances are important.
In most countries.
And human rights are too.
So if you are against my opinion on this incident.
Then that makes it a real debate.
So for those of you who have left the blog.
You won't be reading this post.
I hope you enjoyed it for a while.
See ya.

I have also been asked many times if I want a copy of the picture of me in Metro Society.
No thanks. I already have a copy. And yes, its framed.
You see, that was the first time I had ever gone out with DJ on Boracay.
I hate the picture because I look so bad.
I had heat stroke that night.

I met Tim Yap that night and the rest of the GG.
Right Timmy?

I am teflon dear Tim and the rest of you haters.
All this bullshit just slides right off me.
Bullshit always does.
I know my truth.
And I know what you have been doing this week in Manila Tim.
Next post dear.

This following e mail is being circulated around every where over the last two days.
A concerted effort against me.
We think we know who wrote it.
I have to stop it dead in its tracks because the entire thing is make believe.
My mother laughed her ass off.
And so did my ex partner of fifteen years.

I have sent it to my friends to show them what I have to deal with because of my blog.
Evil people thinking of nothing better to do then waste their lives trying to smear me.
It wont happen.

My partner was a brick layer when I met him.
He had not even finished University yet.
My sugar daddy?
I supported him for many years actually.
That killed me.
Sugar daddy.
Please stop this effort to discredit me with lies.
My 'sugar daddy' is visiting the farm this weekend.
We have painted the house, preparing it for the hand over.
I have to leave here soon.
I am preparing now.
This e mail made me belly laugh.

It will not work.
Who are you anyways Mr. Anon?
And why are you wasting your time with this rubbish and lies?
I fear you not.
Send your crap to whomever you wish.
Because I am clean and have had a beautiful life full of hard work and honesty.
I paid for my own 25 year old car, thank you very much.
And for half the pool, which we waited for five years to get.
Because I had to save.
So suck it with your fables and make believe.
I have paid for half of everything I have today.
And DJ stole every penny.
So kiss my smooth hairless ass.
And try again.
Tim? Is this from you dear?

My next post had Tim Yap written ALL OVER IT!

Anyways, you want this posted. Here you go superstar.

Osho Bogwan @ 5:35 pm:

Brian, what a pathetic attempt to turn the tables and extract sympathy & $$$ from complete strangers when this has been your own modus for several years!

You failed to mention the lovely house shown in the news footage was owned by your unrequited Sydney based ultra Christian homosexual “Sugar Daddy” who indulged your every whim from your Range Rover to your swimming pool…

You get back what you deserve. How does “Sydney Sugar Daddy” feel about you running off to the Phillipines after his taking care of you & your mom for several years while you allegedly suffer from HIV (and looking healthier than the average Australian?) and living the highlife at the same time?? Does he do it for the great sex?

Perhaps this is payback for your pseudo-interest and subsequent snubbing of the people that actually took an interest in your well being? HaHa! The shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t seem to fit you too well, eh? Next time ask for Bruno Magli instead of Gucci!

I find it curious how you managed to sell your interest in “your” house for $100,000 in a property that does not even belong to you…

Must have a good banker to pull this off…! Obviously you have a knack for pulling off your own cons AND congratulations on going digitally global in your pathetic plea for financial renumeration for to pay for your poor judgement!

I hope the paypal deposits go into dispute by the credit card donors after they read this!

PS: See you on the streets of King’s Cross after you shave your bung hole…

Lotsa love from All of your ex-friends that you have dumped on in your social climbing endeavours.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the lines of coke and free-flowing champers! May your cleansed karma be with you! -Osho B.
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