26 April 2008

Cheers and Rest!

I am taking the weekend off.
I know you all understand.
I have not had a day off since starting the blog.
I really, really need a couple of days off the blog.
I am very tired today.
Too tired in fact.
However, I will participate in the Fourth Annual Philippines Bloggers Summit today.
I am very excited to have been asked.
See you all on Monday.

Some people want me to tell them how much money the blog has earned.
Many think I am rich now.

Donations equal six thousand dollars Australian.
My advertising so far has raised a bit less then three hundred dollars.
So for those of you who think I am getting rich from my blog.
I am not.

Some people think this is a money making exercise for me.
What a joke.
I had 70,000 dollars stolen from me.
So spare me the grief.
I do not force people to donate to my blog.
Some people just care.
And some don't.
Its a fact of life.

I am truly BLESSED for receiving the help I have so far.
Thank you for clicking the ads and donating money to my future.
This blog is a job now.
The paypal money is no longer a donation. It is my wage.
So cut me some slack please.
I never wanted to have PP.

You people who still think I am a fraud of some sort.
I can't help  you any more.
I have washed my hands of you all.
Read the blog.
Dream on.
This is my job now.
The Paypal button is my wage now.
This blog takes my entire day.
It's a salary.
Some people think my blog is good.
Good enough to donate for its content.
I'm not the first person to have a blog and take donations.

No one is forced to give.

The photo above was taken on BEAUTIFUL Boracay.
The best freezing cold beer on Boracay is from the Two Seasons Resort.
I have never had such a beautiful ice frosted glass before.
This beer was the best beer I have ever had. Yes it was SM light!
So good in fact, I had two.
And the friends I spent time with that day are beautiful.
Thanks for your support.
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