25 April 2008

The Vincente Sotto Memorial Medical Center SCANDAL!

please click on link

I know I am supposed to be resting today , but this particular issue is too important.
I have to address this issue, because it is being swept under the carpet slowly.
Over three hundred thousands people have already watched this clip of travesty which occurred at the
Vincente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Please click on the link above to be linked to the original footage.

But I think more people need to watch it.
Thats why I have provided the link.

And I will leave that decision up to you.
This should be a crime. But its not I have been told.
Its a civil liability case which is part of international law.
These people MUST be charged with something.
They abused him and raped him of his dignity.
They must pay.
And they will.
Mark my words.

It is the grossest of injustice's, perpetrated by doctors and nurses.
Prison for these monsters.
Toilet water in their glasses.

I have been in contact, with the victims family.

All victims must support other victims.
Because many others just don't care.
I care about this mans dignity.
His self respect.
His soul.
Have you all forgot about him?
Next time we could all forget about you.
This man should be compensated for the crimes against him by the medical personnel involved. He should get a million dollars. At least.

I have received over four hundred e mails about this scandal in Cebu.
I cried when I watched it.
I really did.
The entire story is revolting.

This man is apparently so traumatized still, and remains on a suicide watch..... STILL!
And so am I.
Traumatized that is, folks.
NOT suicidal.

I want to help this man somehow.
I need to.
If I were rich, I would give him money to escape his town and start over here in Australia.
He deserves to know he is loved and respected.
After the ordeal they put him through.

I need him to know, that I feel deeply for him, and what he has been through.
I don't care how he ended up in the hospital.
But he
did end up there.
We all have, at one time in our lives.
Imagine if this happened to you or a family member.
They are like animals, these doctors.
No, animals are too good for these medical 'professionals'
Just imagine it was you on the table being poked at and prodded.
Laughed at and ridiculed.
And for the people who think this topic has nothing to do in my blog.
You are dead wrong.
I will comment on anything I want to in my blog.
I don't care if people stop coming to my blog because they don't like what I have posted.
Create your own blog.
And fill it with fluff.
THIS blog is NOT fluff.

If this happened in Canada, America or Australia, he would get MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars. But this would NEVER happen here or there.
But because the victim is in the Philippines... and still recovering, he will get nothing but shame for the rest of his life.
And his homophobic tormentors walk away free.
Evil doctors and nurses.
They will all go to hell for what they did that day.
And YES, it is homophobia I'm afraid.

I have sent this clip to every person I know around the world.
All over the world.
I have also given it to the BBC.
They are considering doing a piece on it.
I will also post it on all of my blog accounts.
And I will post the video link on my blog.
I am scared that this man will not get justice.
I don't care if people don't like this post.
I am way beyond caring now.
I only care about this man's justice.
I care about everyones justice.
But this case is brutally cruel.

Its my blog and I want people to see, what happened to this man in the hospital.
DO NOT WATCH IT if you are sensitive.
Because this
is disgusting.
It could have been you that day.
Or me maybe.
My mom.
Your mom.
Maybe not because an object is inside of us.
But if you are sleeping, who knows what they could do to you!
And film it.
Take pictures of you when you are unconscience.
They are pigs.
All of them.

And we all deserve, and should receive, respect and privacy when we are in the hospital.
To think, this man was asleep when this took place.
ENTIRE medical team should be put in PRISON.
Its all so sad.

He needed help, and this is what they gave him.
Its fucking homophobia.
Plain and simple.
They acted like bunch of fucking dogs.
Sniffing around the drama.
Thats all they are.
Rabid feral dogs.
And we shoot feral dogs dead in Australia.

Why have these people not been fired from the hospital yet?
What investigation has to be done exactly?
Is this video not proof enough?
It just sickens me, that there even has to be money spent on an investigation.
An absolute joke and travesty for the victim involved.
Another victim.
I have been in contact with the hospital, and they will not comment to me about it.

I only wanted to know if the doctors are still working there.
We all have the right to know.
We may have to go to that hospital one day.
Imagine that?

And I will shame the people responsible for this, into doing something for this absolute victim.

I remember how CRAZY so may filipinos went when Terri Hatcher made her throw away comment on Desperate Houswives, about the Philippines Medical Association.
Ah Hello! Watch it again, and TRY not to agree with her.
She is having the last laugh now I guess!
Because the Philippines Medical Association is a fucking joke now. 
Until this is fixed. A dirty stain that will never go away.
But, they are INVESTIGATING this apparantly. 
What the hell needs to be investigated.
You have the video you dumb bastards.
Fire them all and pay him for his suffering!


Can you all defend this poor victimised man now?
Because your health care system is fourth world now.
Because of this video.
Not even third.
Maybe even fifth.
YOU decide.
Its a crying shame.

I understand the doctor involved has just been married.
Good luck to his bride.
Your husband is a monster.
Not a doctor at all.
A monster.

Are these people STILL working in the Philippines medical profession?
This is the most horrendous thing I have ever seen.
And I want you all to watch it.
And you ask yourself afterwards.
Is this MY country?
It is.

Its HOMOPHOBIA at its most feral and disgusting.
The Philipines is such a homophobic country.
It is just sickening.

THAT is why this hideous event occurred.
Because there is ZERO respect for gay people in your country.
Its all bullshit.
Thats all it is.
Stop the craziness.
God created faggots.
He created us all.
Many of you just have to accept that.
Because its the truth.

And your Bishops and many Priests have actually BLAMED the victim.
A person who was ASLEEP at the time of the assault.
And this would be considered assault around the world.
They all make me sick to my stomach.
I just can't believe it.
What about what they get up too, eh?
Thats a whole other post.

But even more then that, it is cruelty and an abuse of the mans human rights.
No question.
I have forwarded this information to the United Nations.
These people can not get away with this. Your government must do something about this gross act of  indecency.
I will defend the victim on this blog.
We should ALL defend this mans human rights.
REGARDLESS of the reasons, why, he was in the hospital in the first place.
That is completely irrelevant.
Totally irrelevant.

Some people are freaking out because I am commenting on this issue.
Too bad for them.  
If you don't like it, stay away. Your choice.
I can comment, because I am not there.
MANY people did not know about this scandal.

And these 'Christian people' writing in with so much hate towards the victim. 
It is truly sad how they hide behind God with their disgusting hatred towards others different to themselves.
It is so tragic.
Stop hating in Gods name.
You will not get into heaven this way!

Its wrong!
I know Australia is not perfect.
Its not just the Philippines.
But this particular incident needs to be addressed an many levels.
So many people do not want to accept that this has happened.
Many laugh and think its funny.
It is so sad.

I will comment on whatever I like in this blog.
Don't visit my blog if you don't like my point of view.
I can't please you all.
I have learned that finally.
Its what a blog is.
Its who I am.
I write what I feel.
Go away please, if you hate me so much.
Some of you can turn away and ignore this tragic event.
And thats the difference between me and the people who criticize me.

I can't talk about DJ every single day. And I don't want to anymore.
This issue trumps him today.
So you have to deal with it.
Or, start your own blog.
Because this is my blog, and i will discuss what I want on it.
Its called freedom of speech.
Please look it up haters.

Sex, Religion, Corruption, Society, Poverty or anything else I choose.
Because there are many issues in the Philippines that need a spotlight placed upon them.
And unless you are also corrupt, you should have no problems with me speaking out. I have proven my loyalty and devotion to the Philippines.
And no one person can ever take that from me.

I rest my case.


Philippine surgeons cheer after removing a 6 inch body spray canister from drunk patient's rectum.
April. 16, 2008
MANILA, Philippines
A video posted on the internet showing Philippine doctors laughing while removing an object from a patient may lead to charges against the surgeons and cost them their medical licenses, officials said Wednesday.

The nearly 3-minute video of a noisy operating room shows doctors and nurses laughing, giggling and cheering.

At one point, a hand appears with a cell phone camera taking a close-up picture of the surgery.

As a doctor gingerly pulls out the 6-inch long canister from the male patient's rectum, someone shouts, "Baby out!" amid loud cheers.

The doctor then removes the canister cap and sprays the contents toward the crowd of nurses and doctors viewing the procedure.

The video has angered the unidentified patient who plans to press charges, his lawyer Guiller Ceniza said Wednesday.

The government-run Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in the central city of Cebu, where the surgery took place, is conducting an investigation, a spokesman said Wednesday.

Dr. Emmanuel Gines said more than 10 people were involved — including staff and medical and nursing students from a nearby operating room.

He said the hospital takes videos of surgeries of peculiar cases, but only with the consent of the patient.

Investigation possible
Dr. Jose Sa
ont class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_15">bili, president of the Philippine Medical Association, told on Wednesday the group will conduct an investigation if a formal complaint is filed and doctors found violating medical ethics could be suspended or expelled from the association, which would result in the suspension or termination of their state health insurance accreditation.

The results of the investigation could also be used by the Professional Regulations Commission to suspend or revoke their licenses, Sabili said.

"I believe what they did was very blatant," he said.

Health Undersecretary Alexander Padilla said the Health Department will conduct a separate investigation.

The 39-year-old patient received surgery on Jan. 3, three days after a New Year's drinking spree and a "one-night stand" with a male partner, Ceniza, the lawyer.

He said his client was too drunk to remember how the body spray canister ended up in his body.

Ceniza said the man was determined to file charges but will wait for the results of the hospital's investigation, expected later in the week.

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