25 April 2008

By International Demand.

Hundreds of people have e mailed requests, wanting to see the Montano family interviews with Korina Sanchez AGAIN in full with no edits.
I have posted the extended interviews already on the blog. Please look for them.
Although it has already been posted on the blog in three parts, I will post the short edit version.
I have yet to watch some parts of it.
I squirm when I hear him lie.

Have a beautiful weekend TEAM BRIAN and all bloggers.

Please read the new Business Mirror article that came out today.
It was my first cover.
You will find it at the top of my media list.
I am very proud of it, as it is a very personal article.

It was a very emotional day at Bethel Park.

Peace out.

I am so tired now.
I really have to rest this weekend.

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