25 April 2008

Fourth Annual Philippines Blogger Summit

I was very honored to be asked to contribute to the Fourth Annual Philippines Blogger Summit taking place tomorrow.

I was asked to present a video submission, covering five things I found to be important when considering doing a blog. I did it with my digital camera.
So its not that flash.
My head skims the top for most of it.
You can't even see that I got a haircut just for this clip.
NEXT year I will do MUCH better.

But thats ok. I think its neat.
But I think it worked out ok considering it was my first and only take.
You try.
Its really hard if you've never done it before.
Many people, from all over the world, have been asking me to come to different countries and conventions to talk about my experience ever since starting the blog.
But its not really for me.
I am not the blog king. Nor do I want fame because of my blog.
I don't want to be famous for this blog.
I want to be known and remembered, for the fight I had deep inside me.
For the battle that I have waged against what is criminal and wrong.
I really just want to relax for a bit.
My nerves are shot.
I just want my money back.
That's all.

I don't really care about the negative comments about me anymore.
Some of them are so ridiculous.
I feel for the writer.
I have finally learned how to completely ignore the hate.
From you MONTANO lovers.
I have proven my claims.
I'm done.

70,000 Montano

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