25 April 2008

One Lopez, Two Lopez, Three Lopez, Four. .... and My Girl Constance.

Everyone knows I LOVE this magazine.


It's "sick slash fabulous".
The Gucci Gang magazine.
They all grew up here.
MS is the playground for wannabees and fake people.
Fake rich people. And real rich people.
They spend so much money on each issue.
I can tell. It smells expensive.
And they feature the same thirty people in every issue.
DJ used to shoot his load all over the pages.
If he was featured.

He acts like it is his magazine.
They all do.

But then again, the back page is an entirely different matter all together.
Right DJ?
The dreaded back page.

No poor people in this magazine.
Its the glossy Bible for Manila society.
Their 'real' Bible.
Their actual Bible.
So I'm told, by others in the know.
There is another flash society mag as well.
But I don't read it anymore.
Way to many pictures of my ex boyfriend in that magazine for some reason.
Way too many!
Mind you, he is everywhere in those magazines.
Its how he survives.
Magazines, his old job at The Star and other people's money of course.
Including mine.
He's good.

In MS, the clothes are often international, and the writing is sometimes superb when they do Philippines history pieces with fashion, photography and interiors.
There are too many puffy pieces, but what do you expect.
Society is puff.
Just PUFF.

But even still, I am so thrilled, to have this bit of the Philippines in my hands.
Thank you a million times to the blogger who sent it to me.
It bugs me, that this magazine only appears bi-monthly.
Because often, the photos, are already out dated by the time it hits my hands.

But I don't care.
And neither to the people being snapped for its shimmering pages.

I love Constance Brooke Pendleton.
I know for a fact that she told DJ Montano to his face that he was cheap.
Bravo bitch.
You make me hot.
This girl can write. I've said it before on the blog.
I was always surprised that MS allowed her to ramble on, with her acid tipped tongue.
Tongue and cheek of course.
Right Constance love?
And I LOVE the new Boracay section as well. Great pics.
Go F.
Its the only magazine I ever waited for, besides Vanity Fair of course.
Crazy eh?
I detest Manila society but I love this magazine.
My therapist will have a field day.
Which reminds me, I must call her.

Its worth buying MS just for Constance's last page article.
She really makes me laugh out loud.
And she terrifies others, who also wait to see, who she will lampoon 'next time'.
In her nicest, most witty and most fashionable kind of way of course.
I hope the many international visitors to this blog enjoy her message.
Thank you Constance for being so brave in the face of so much bloody Manila bullshit.

Brian is loving you Constance.
But DJ is NOT.

The ladies on this months cover are mega FIERCE.
Look at them.
How much photo shop was used in this picture.
I would love to know.

Each MS is better then the last.
I loved the last issue so much.
The great men's issue.
With the three hunks on the cover.
I adore all things Pinoy.......
and Pinay!

And I just love every cover of this magazine.
I can't explain it.
I look at the people like zoo exhibits.
I love all the plastic surgery.
Its a hoot.
They must really think they have made it, when they hit the cover?
Everything is downhill after that.

I don't know any of these Lopez woman, but they all have stories I'm sure.
And I love many powerful woman in the world.
Not sure if any of them are powerful.
But I suspect off the mark, that they have all, at least once, squeezed a set belonging to a Lopez man....... at some point.

I really love woman period.
I don't want to 'do it' with them though.
But I love them all the same.
I respect all men and woman and I always have.
Until one crosses me.
Right Aurora?

Woman rule the world.
There is no question about that.
Just ask my mom.
She'll tell you.

So what about these Lopez woman on the cover of MS?
I'm confused.
None of them even look like Celine.
What is going on?
I'm really confused.
Someone help me out here.

Cheers to these hot Lopez woman on the cover of MS.
I'm sure they did something to deserve the honor.
They look so RICH.
That's for sure.
Hot rich bitches.

They look like givers too.
Could this be true peeps?
Are there actually some Lopez woman with integrity and generosity?
With real style and class?
Inquiring minds want to know.
And do some of these Lopez woman like the blow?
Snort snort.

All I know for sure is that, Emily R. is NOT one of them.
She is NOT a Lopez.
We all know her real last name.
And neither is the daughter.
No way. Not in my books.
She is the female equivelent of a bastard.
Lucky bastard.
Both of them need to vanish forever, from the Manila Society Set (MSS).
They are lucky imposters.
And they both blew their shot.

The Vatican Emily?

Oh M's, that still makes me laugh.
Oh M's dear, WHAT were you thinking?
Your barking mad woman.

Mad I tell you!

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