24 April 2008

Ahhh, Mandarin Hotel and Spa in Hong Kong is it DJ?

Wow, this blog is neat.
People write me everyday, telling me the whereabouts, of my ex boyfriend and business partner. DJ is now in Hong Kong.
he sure has a nice life.
Posing as a restaurant reviewer.
He was seen dining with a westerner and taking notes while he was eating.
More free food for DJ.
The one and only Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II.
Also known as the
70,000 dollar thief!
In Hong Kong.
Scamming people, I'm positive.
He can't live in the Philippines.
He already tells people he is from Hong Kong.
Why DJ?
This blog will follow you there too dear.
it will follow you everywhere.
For the rest of your days.

DJ loves being pampered. He loves the spa.
I just can't believe it though.
DJ spent yesterday afternoon at the Mandarin Hotel and Spa in Hong Kong.
I will NEVER go there again.
Hahahahaha. Kidding Mandarin.
They pamper criminals there.
I'm just kidding. I have not been to the spa myself.
I'm sure its gorgeous.
Because, he would not go there if it was not.

He can STILL afford to go to the spa, but I can't.
We all know why.
Because DJ Montano stole my money.

Treatments at the spa are
NOT cheap.
Hong Kong is expensive period.
How does he afford it when he owes me 70,000?
No spa is cheap.
And the spa in this Hotel is VERY expensive.
DJ, why are you in Hong Kong when you are supposed to be taking me court?
Your average massage costs around 100-150 bucks and upwards.
Must be nice DJ, to toss all your troubles away at the front doors of the  Spa.
I wish I could go there.
The pictures look lavish.

Is your skin soft DJ?
Is it supple? 
Or firm?
Do you feel refreshed after your
All that pampering for you precious DJ must be exhausting.
Our little criminal still, has money for the finer things in life.
Nothing will stop her from her pampering and luxuries.
Except JAIL.
But even in prison, I'm sure DJ will find someone, to make him feel special.
Like a princess.
Princess Delfin.
Gang raped at the 'Cell Block 8' , Spa and Treatment Facility.

I'll give you a massage DJ.
With a scouring pad and 100  proof bleach.
Because you are a dirty little bandit.
Scummy with grime.
You can go to as many spa's as you want Montano.
You will always stink like a criminal.
The famous disgraced Montano stench.
Crooks. The lot of you.

Whose money are you spending at the spa dear?
Do you have any of mine left?
Or is yet another victims money?
That you fleeced from them?
You watch people die DJ.
Before you pay them back.
You are going straight to hell for what you have done to others.

Do you have any morals DJ?
Do you have a conscience?
I didn't think so.
Enjoy your time at the spa DJ.
While it lasts.

People have been writing in to tell me that DJ has yet ANOTHER lawyer.
A shark I'm told. Swimming in chum filled waters.
Your lawyer must have really big morals too DJ.

Defending the indefensible, if indeed you even have a lawyer.
Your lawyer is a loser, like you shit face.
DJ, you are nothing but a thief, liar, cheater and scam artist.
Bring it on DJ and your lawyer man.
I will fight you until I bleed through my eyes.
I know you are bluffing you sad excuse for a Filipino.
A disgrace to your own kind. 
Mimiced by the masses now, because they know what you are.
A devil on earth.
Planting these comments in my blog, so people will believe you are still going to fight.
You are a filthy little troll. No one believes you DJ.
This is just another scam that your family will perpetrate in the courts.
Wasting MORE of your nations money for your greedy escapades.
You have NO respect for your country.
You have always used it like your bitch mother Aurora.
Your entire family has been raping the Philippines for decades.
Thieves, the whole lot of you.
I'm sure Weena's baby will also be a thief when she grows up.
You owe everything you have to the nation.
Fucking thieves.

You think you are going to get a multi million dollar pay-out like your dumb ass cyber friend did.
Lick my balls DJ.
I know you love that.
You are nothing but a fraud.
A ball licking fraud!

You are living in a dream world you dumb little fuck.

I am going to sue you DJ.

I have gone to the police AGAIN today to request more information on you.
I am also about to file with my lawyer (you think your lawyer is good mate?), charges against you in Australia. I am working with Western Union on another fraud case against you and your sister.
Prepare Mirvili Montano.
I am suing you too!
I have proven that you stole my money by deception.
I am going to ruin your life in court DJ and Mirvili. Because you have to pay for what you have done.


You think by spreading these rumors about this high powered lawyer, that I am going to be afraid?
I have nothing left,  for you to take, you turd brained , 'non starter'.
You are living on a fantasy and a prayer mate.
Prepare to meet your maker Montano.
This blog will never stop.
 ............that maker is ME you little bitch!


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