24 April 2008

So You're a Poll Dancer eh? Cool!

I have decided, to start taking polls on the blog.
I think they are a lot of fun.
If you have any poll suggestions, for ANYONE mentioned on the blog, please send them to me in the comments section, so we can all see how very clever you are!
And maybe yours will be the next one on the blog.
I am about to shake things up a bit on the blog.
So look for the new polls, and participate.
I have a feeling this is going to be fun.

I'm off to bed now. I have just spent the entire night on the phone doing more interviews.
I am also talking with the BBC tomorrow.
This is getting so big.
I can't believe it.

My STAR insider tells me that Celine Lopez is on, indefinite leave of absence.
They are trying very hard to find a way, NOT to have her back.
Tim is proving to be more difficult to unseat.
But TIM YAP must go.
This snobby little prick thought he could hide in America until the heat died down.
I'm glad your back in the Philippines now Timmy boy, you frightened little pussy.
Tim, you have proven to everyone that you are a wimp. A coward. A runner. The bolter.
You never even defended yourself. You are like a big man-girl in a dress.
None of you did.
Celine Lopez (?), Tim Yappity Yap Yap Yap, Tina 'Ton o fun' Tinio, Wendy Pheww!, Marcel C and the rest of the cling ons that is the Gucci Gang.
Ostrich's with their heads in the sand.
The nation is on to you all.
Your NOT society kiddies.

TIM YAP MUST be fired from the STAR.
He does not deserve the platform upon which he stands.
He is a fraud.
A druggie.
A loser.
He is also number two on the STAR list.
I will be turning up the heat on the STAR paper soon.
I can't believe how much insider information I am being sent from within the offices of STAR.
Advertisers are fleeing from the paper in droves I'm told.
People are freaking out.

Get rid of Tim YAP,
and they will come back.
Fire Celine like you fired DJ Montano.
NONE of them deserve their jobs.
Give them to REAL writers.
Not fakes with ghost writers.
He is a talentless hack who uses Manila society and discards his decency at any costs and for any amount of money.
And is she.

People don't want to advertise in a paper full of coke heads with ghost writers.
Get rid of these losers at the STAR.
We are all watching and waiting to see if you keep these people on your staff.
Talentless druggies.

I have been told today that there is a contract on my life in Manila.
Big fucking deal!

Suck it!

The radio show was great this week with Mojo and Grace. I missed MoTwister though. He was in Africa.
Great numbers for Magic89.9 during my slot.
I will post the show on Sunday.
I love the radio.
This could be in my future maybe.
Radio, books,television, essay's... whatever keeps me busy,
and this blog healthy and vibrant.



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