12 May 2008

Ahhh, DJ........Hello!

The offensive comment from yesterday has been deleted. All references to that comment have also been deleted. I am sorry if any readers were offended. That comment accidently went through instead of being deleted.

Just one phone call DJ.
You could end this nightmare, with one phone call.
You owe me 70,000 dollars.
Give me a ring mate, so I can give you my details.
I'm sure we could work this out DJ.
Its just a debt that you need to re pay.
It was not a gift, as your family is suggesting.
Why in earth would I gift you my savings?
I could never afford to 'give away' 70,000 dollars.
Why is your family, now suggesting, that I GIFTED you my money?
Is this how you will fight in court? By lying?
I don't stand a chance. And that has been my point and fear all along readers and TEAM BRIAN.
DJ's family will make things up and back each other up.
I am alone. I can't fight that readers. This family would destroy me in Manila.
They would, love me dead anyways.
You need to do the right thing DJ, finally.
And give me back my money
I really need it.
Help end my pain and anguish.
And I can start fresh. We both can.

Think about this offer DJ. A payment plan can be arranged.
It's up to you.
You can continue to torture me, or you can submit to your responsibilities.
And repair what you have done.
And we can both move on with our lives.

Patrick R has never given me a penny! I find this rumor to be very sad.
Why would Patrick give me money? He is not DJ.
I have NEVER asked for money from anyone but DJ Montano.
My paypal button was my last resort, and we all know that.
Patrick did not steal my savings by deception. DJ Montano did.
Patrick is a man at least. He had the courage to contact me and put his side across.
He did not beg nor plead. Just a real conversation.
I believe Patrick. I do see him as a victim of sorts. I always have.
I know things about this little guy, and I feel for him.
He is honest and admits to everything he has done in the past.
And why it all happens in Manila.
I would LOVE to print Patrick's e mails, but I can't.
They are far too personal and brutally honest.
I was shocked when I read them.
I actually think Patrick is brilliant due to his spot on assessment of the GG.
I can't and won't deny his,  brutal honesty about the GG and it's specific members. And his need to move on and away from this caustic Manila vortex that is high society, inspired me and gave me hope for others.
His take on social issues are eye opening and very well conceived.
This is not a hate blog.
The blog is a conversation, revolving around my firm objective.
Many do not like my methods. Many more do.
I will always side with the majority. Its called democracy.
But I will always call it how I see it as well.
My blog.

The GG treated Patrick horribly.
They used him for years.
DJ used him. Everyone knows that.
So Patrick, good luck.
And thank you for your compassion and understanding.

I don't want anyone's money, except mine, back from DJ. 
I have made that very clear.
DJ stole it, therefore, DJ must give it back.
Some people are spreading this nonsense, solely out of jealousy for Patrick.
Patrick assures me that he will give money to charity in my name, which I though was very admirable of him.

Thank you Patrick.
Our chat was enlightening. 
Thank you for sharing, and caring.
I always knew you were different.

I wish Patrick luck with his plans.
People think because Patrick is so rich, he would pay to keep his name out of this blog.
This is typical, of how people see him, and me too apparently. I would have zero respect for him if this were the case. And I could not live with myself either.
And I would NEVER do such a horrendous thing to another person. Its disgusting to suggest that I would blackmail someone. Just filthy rubbish.
I am NOT the criminal.
But DJ is.

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